As Putin continues to transform Russsia into a Christian country, and peaceprizewinner continues to persecute Christians in the United States of Amercia with his "American KGB" thugs, aka the IRS...

Well... for your reading pleasure:

(warning to Lucas County Dems who have never possessed anything resembling a sense of humor... the following is called satire):

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Thanks for the link, FarmerGal. I got a nice laugh out of that one.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

I laughed for 2 days straight when I first saw it.

xxxxx (trying to delete double post)

Hello Farmergal

Perhaps you remember me. I would like to know if I got the answer to your question correct a while back, Ness Memorial Mission. Sorry if I am being a pest. Thank you for Putin up with me. :)

Tim VanDongen

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