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Are we ready for this Summer when kids have nothing to do? Trust me, it won't be pretty, but it might give to Toledo Government aƱ excuse to jusify turning the City of Toledo into a Police State.

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So Toledo will be awash with young criminals, again? Or "still" is more like it. I don't need a city-state to protect me.

Good kids looking for something to do always find something worthwhile to do. As far as attractions offered by the community, there are Metroparks to visit, the library system's Reading Club and discounted memberships at the YMCA, among others. The key here is being interested in activities that stimulate learning and exercise. If they're not, they can always play basketball or baseball, ride bikes or watch TV. I disagree with Zeyad's implication that the community's supposed failure to get all kids interested and involved during the no-school months leads to crime. It suggests he has very low expectations of young people's behavior.

Patience is a great virtue.

I have very low expectations of the parents, Don. We both know that when kids don't have enough to do they are more likely get into mischief.

If you know of a government program that compensates for parental neglect and mistreatment of their kids, please share. The city could build a hundred public pools, but no amount of attractions for kids can offset the ill effects of bad parents. Alas, if kids take to lawbreaking, we have to respond with law enforcement. I think you'd want that if, say, a pair of teenagers were trying to break into your house or car.

Patience is a great virtue.

I have two words for kids who are going to cause problems because the government isn't going to provide them with something to do this summer--"parental guidance."

I get really tired of people having a different set of expectations for the parents of inner-city kids than the rest of the population. If you have children, they're yours to feed, clothe, house, discipline, etc.

"A long hot summer". Which, subsequent to the race riots of the 1960's, was code for something like: There are going to be more riots if you don't watch out... if you don't kowtow to self-appointed civil rights leaders. Jesse Jackson, if memory serves, used the "long hot summer" line fairly often in the late '60's & early '70's.

Things for young people of all races to do during summer break:

1) Offer to mow an elderly neighbor's lawn.
2) Go to the library - there are lots of interesting books aimed at young people there.
3) Play tennis or basketball. (Tennis was my game. Our little burg hosted a "meet and greet" with Althea Gibson in the 1960's one summer. There is almost always some program like that in every city.)
4) Find a friend who likes board games. Or an elderly neighbor who likes a good game of Parcheesi or Monopoly.
5) Find a church with a good young people's program - there are lots and lots in Toledo & surrounding area.
Note to ZC - stop trying to start racial arguments all the time.

"Offer to mow an elderly neighbor's lawn."

That's an excellent opportunity to case the place for a later burglary.

"Go to the library - there are lots of interesting books aimed at young people there."

Who the hell needs those when you have Youtube and Facebook?

"Go to the library - there are lots of interesting books aimed at young people there."

Who the hell needs those when you have Youtube and Facebook?

Anyone who actually wants to learn shit and get ahead, or maybe just read a freaking book.

Geez, GZarthy, did someone both piss and shit in your Wheaties today or forget to change your Depends? That's possibly the most intelligent thing FG has said and you had to piss on it. For shame dude.

aka Mr. Empty Glass to GZ's handle?
AC is absolutely right. This was a very positive post from FG. GZ aka Mr. Empty Glass searches out the worst case scenario in everything!

I don't think so, Dale. GZ wrote what I was thinking when I read the post.

All those suggestions that FarmerGirl made are excellent, but like most other beneficial teenage activities they rely on parental guidance and supervision - both of which are lacking with teenagers who cause serious problems. If you and your elite cadre of Moonbats can find a way to successfully replace the missing supervision, that would be worth spending a few taxpayer dollars on.

Mad Jack
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"you had to piss on it"

The Liberal world is my urinal. Get used to the sound of the falling rain.

"The L[sic]iberal world?" That's who posted the comments you attacked.

I'm saying her sunny assumptions made for the sake of argument, are entirely part of the Liberal world.

Nuances of expression and meaning really aren't part of your input channels, are they?

by the "L[sic]iberal World."
Your posted belief about the futility of her suggestions once again reinforces my aka Mr. Empty Glass add-on to your handle.

And "nuance?" You use nuance?
You're kidding, right?

"You use nuance?"

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Statistically, rare things still happen.

Here's something these kids can do--make small rocks out of big ones.

Without any basketball rims or pools, all these kids won't have nothing to do, and they will get in trouble. That's pretty f---ing shallow thinking, but its par for the course for liberal progressive thinking...

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

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