Anti-Gun Crusade Continues by Executive Order: Continued...

"The key here is "sporting," something ATF can define as nearly anything thanks to an extremely broad and loose definition. Back in the 1990s, President Bill Clinton issued an order just like the one Feinstein is calling for. Here's a flashback from the Los Angeles Times:
" The Clinton administration on Friday imposed an immediate ban on the importation of semiautomatic assault-type weapons until the government decides whether they have been modified to skirt U.S. restrictions on foreign-made firearms that are not suitable for "sporting purposes."
"The order, signed by President Clinton, calls for the Treasury Department's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to suspend for a maximum of 120 days the importation of up to 600,000 military-style weapons that have already been approved for entry into the country.
"The directive also orders the Treasury Department to temporarily suspend acting on pending requests for the importation of more than 1 million additional modified semiautomatic assault weapons, according to a copy of the order obtained by The Times.

"When Clinton imposed the ban, firearms dealerships and companies across the country lost millions in merchandise that had already been ordered, paid for and halfway shipped when the ban was put into place, leaving orders to rot on ships and in warehouses overseas.
"I warned about the possibility of President Obama doing the same in the April 2013 issue of Townhall Magazine.

" Is international trade really up for grabs when it comes to new gun control measures? Absolutely. In fact, many expected President Obama to take advantage of this readily available power grab—the banning of imports—a long time ago.

“They don’t even have to do anything by legislation to have an impact on the industry because the powers they have … through two [existing] laws: [the] Gun Control Act and Arms Export Control Act,” Reeves says. “Congress gave ATF enormous power in what they can allow and disallow for imports.”

"The executive branch has power in this area for two main reasons. Current law gives ATF unfettered justification or power to decide what is and what is not “sporting.” The United States only allows the import of firearms that meet this definition and, therefore, ATF has unrestricted power over what’s importable or not.

“I don’t think it’s widely appreciated just how internationally connected the U.S. firearms sector is,” Heritage Foundation Senior Research Fellow Ted Bromund, Ph.D., tells Townhall.
" Firearms imports are approximately 35 percent of the U.S. firearms market, according to the ATF and United States International Trade Commission. About 5.5 million are manufactured each year in the U.S., with approximately 250,000 being exported by the U.S. while 3.5 million additional firearms are imported from other countries, totaling 9 million new firearms in the U.S. commercial market each year.

“There are a lot of countries … [from which] the U.S. imports at least 10,000 firearms a year. Slightly over half of them are handguns and the remainder being rifles and shotguns,” Bromund says. “What you see is that this is … worldwide traffic directed to the United States.”

'SpringField Armory, for example, is located in Croatia, and one of the company’s most popular pistols, the Spring- Field XD semi-automatic handgun, is manufactured there. Beretta Italy manufactures shotguns and exports them to the United States.'

'Brazil serves as the largest foreign commercial exporter to the United States and exported 846,619 firearms in 2011. Austria was second, coming in at 522,638, according to ATF. Germany, Belgium, Russia, Turkey, Canada, Romania, Czech Republic, Finland, Spain, Italy and Croatia and many others all depend on purchases from the United States. '

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Oh look, DTOM aka Lie-tosser posting his un-cited garbage across two separate posts. That's site abuse, that is.

Yeah if only he cited an unbiased source like Talking Points Memo. LOL


A citation is a citation, where one can read the whole thing, not have it pasted across two separate posts by some desperate Teatard in a stunning display of plagarism. But keep on with the chicken, dude.

Have you squealed on him yet?

You could really make your side look much better and more intelligent if you didn't have DTOM and Farmergal as the standard-bearers and poster children for the conservative movement. You know, by reining them in or asking them to knock off the stupidity or something like that. It'd go far in trying to win over the fence-sitters and youth if the conservative movement was seen to not consist solely of poorly-spelled, citation-less, herp and derp frantically spewed all over every forum everywhere.

Its called cut and paste., and its news. Type in the subject heading and you will find it, its called the internet. I could give a shit about whether anyone here likes what I post or not,YOUR ON A BLOG SITE MORON..... And I don't give a shit about these power hunger Dems and Repub's either...

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

It's called PLAGARISM and COPYRIGHT VIOLATION, and you're gonna get Chris sent some DMCAs or I HOPE I HOPE I HOPE some requests for your identity so you can be sued for aforesaid copyright violation, you moron.

You're right AC.

DTOM you'll have to come with me to Swampbubbles jail!


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