this st. patrick's day--take the pledge to be more considerate of liberals


On Saint Patrick’s Day this year, why not try to be a little more compassionate toward non-Christians. Just like the majority of us can feel proud that we have eliminated any reference to “Christ” around December 25, we must learn to remove any religious connotation from all occasions that have their origins in religion.

Give these things a try this March 17 in an attempt to neutralize this tradition:

Instead of saying, “How about going out for a Jigg’s dinner,” try ”Would you like to join me in a corned beef and cabbage meal that is unrelated to any specific occasion?”

Never wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s like displaying a neon sign on your body that screams “I’m celebrating a Christian holiday" to the small percentage of the population who would be offended by such things. How insensitive can you be?

When your co-workers are passing around pitchers of green beer at your after-work gathering, tell them, “No thanks, I’m having the Agnostic Ale.”

In the interest of trying to discourage future activities surrounding this holiday, restaurants and bars that have special St. Patrick’s Day events should be boycotted.

C’mon, put aside your feelings and convictions; and let’s try to be more considerate of the liberals.

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Your display of sensitivity is appreciated, Galt. However, I will continue my tradition of commemorating St. Patrick by driving snakes out of Lucas County.

Patience is a great virtue.

Then I'll be staying away from One Government Center on March 17!

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