Bloomberg the little hypocrite dictator

"Asked if he could outspend the National Rifle Association and other opponents of gun control measures, Bloomberg casually replied, “Oh sure.”
"While he has been critical of Congress for being unduly influenced by political contributions from the tobacco industry and other special interests, Bloomberg, whose net worth is an estimated $33 billion, according to Forbes magazine, dodged a question about whether he should be considered a “special interest group.” He says it’s HIS right under the Constitution to support the candidates and issues he chooses". Yeah! then bitches about the Koch brothers..

“We have the Second Amendment which gives you the right to bear arms. You also have the First Amendment which gives you the right to say what you wanna say,” Bloomberg said. “I think shame on me if I didn't use the money I was lucky enough to make to make the world a better place.” He mean's to say dictate a World a better place. This guy contradicts himself a few times here in his statements.


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“We have the Second Amendment which gives you the right to bear arms. You also have the First Amendment which gives you the right to say what you wanna say,” Bloomberg said.

All true. And if Bloomberg thinks he's going to talk and spend his way into overturning NOT ONLY the Second Amendment, but the 44 state-level constitutional sections that duplicate the Second Amendment within those states, then he's high on crack cocaine.

The Liberal monsters can shriek all they like about the Second Amendment. Frankly venting like that is probably good for them. But they'll never get any further than that. It's politically impossible to overturn gun rights at the federal level. It requires 2/3rds of the Congress and then 3/4ths of the states to do that. The anti-gun freakazoids have nowhere near those supermajorities in any particular place, except perhaps a few square blocks of obnoxiously Liberal places like New York and San Francisco. The anti-gun people are really a tiny minority in American politics, and after the Sandy Hook party, that should have become patently obvious to anyone with one eye open and half a brain.

If you like your guns you can keep your guns.

Just another Dem lie to pile on with the others.


Actually, Mikey, a big anti-gun campaign is the last thing the smarter Liberals want to see happen. Because it would backfire mercilessly. The Libs do want a constant media deluge of anti-gun messages, that's true, but the entire ideology is so full of holes (like telling women they're better off disarmed, when they can clearly see the nation's full of guns that any criminal can obtain) that such a campaign would spark so much debate that the entire effort would go down in Liberal flames. The anti-gun crowd can't stand debate. The facts and logic of the matter just kill their arguments.

So I welcome Bloomberg's media campaign of out-spending the NRA. I'd love it. Whatever the stupid bastard spent would be totally wasted, and we gun owners would have a field day, another day of basking in the sun of exposure to the truth about America, guns, and self defense.

Christ, I need to write Bloomy a letter, urging him to make that stupid move.

The NRA, and other Conservatives are already cranked up. I hope the liberal dipshits DO go after the guns---it should create enough energy to throw every last one of them OUT of Congress.

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