LETS NOT FORGET,Obama Administration Caves to Putin on Missile Shield for Europe ..Why

The U.S. plan had called for interceptors in Poland and Romania, complemented by deployed U.S. naval ships outfitted in the Mediterranean. Hagel said the first three phases would be fully implemented, but the fourth, the deployment of a large interceptor warhead, would not go forward.

At a meeting last March in South Korea, Obama told then-Russia President Dmitri Medvedev in remarks picked up by a live microphone that he would have “more flexibility” on the missile shield issue following an election victory.
Hagel's decision Friday confirms that Obama may be trying to live up to the promise, resolving a key part of the issue in Russia's favor early in his second term. The Obama administration reportedly believes the move may encourage Russia to additional nuclear arm cuts.

The Obama Administration recently offered an olive branch to Russia, indicating it planned to de-activate one-third of the U.S. nuclear arsenal unilaterally and without Congressional approval.

The Pentagon said if the fourth phase deployment of the missile shield in East Europe, if re-started, would not take place earlier than 2022.

Russia and the United States have been at odds over a Central Europe-based missile defense system since first proposed by President George W. Bush to protect against missiles from Iran.

NATO has argued the system's placement is not solely based on Russia's strategic arsenal, but places interceptors close to the treaty organization's southern flank, able to deflect Iran's growing missile capabilities.

Now that would have been to good of a chess move for Obama...He would not do it because it falls in-line with all his other foreign policy decisions, connect the f---ing dots

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This LETS NOT FORGET ,Obama Administration Caves to Putin on Missile Shield for Europe ..Why

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