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Barack Obama is president, Michelle Obama is the First Lady and "12 Years a Slave" won the Oscar for Best Picture. Isn't this a great country?

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More racist spewage from a racist commenter. No surprise.

"Isn't this a great country?"

No, the Second Great Depression started in 2008 and only grows deeper due to institutional and cultural deny. This is a terrible country, as anyone who seeks healthcare and lifetime employment can easily tell you.

rgr that

Where is this better country in the world, this utopia which you seek with, "healthcare and lifetime employment?" Aren't you living in the past, as well as predicting a torturous future?

All 4 of my grandparents came here from Eastern Europe about 100 years ago. With all of its faults, I LOVE America! I'm not moving back to my distant "homeland." Are you?

I don't have to move. I merely have to demand that the restraint and respect in our culture be restored to the 1950s level. That means many changes, including the suppression of birth rates in the takers, and the enhancement of birth rates in the makers. The first part is easy... cut off all welfare. If you're going to lay around and drink malt liquor and engage in ghetto sex, then you're going to watch your bastard brood die. That's how it has to work, since the alternative is a welfare state that does nothing but grow and grow until the nation crashes from it... which is what we have today.

And of COURSE you love America. You're a Boomer with gold-plated retirement benefits who lived through the era when things just about stopped being built and started into the Cashing Out Phase. (When I was born, the big cashing out was just starting. By the 1980s it was in full development and it took over our culture.) Of course you support that, since you're a primary beneficiary for the cash-out. You talk your own book.

GZ aka Mr. Empty Glass -- You're a very sad man.
You make a LOT of assumptions for someone who knows so little, and has such limited life experiences!
As skewed as is your view of the world, it may comfort you to know that my parents died penniless, leaving nothing to my two brothers and me. Their situation was primarily because of -- surprise, surprise -- outrageous medical-related bills! Before their deaths in 2005 and 2009, they had lost their house and everything they owned. You can check this out. They had nothing to go through probate.
And I started working at the age of 14. In the summers, I'd work 66 hours a week for my father. And I worked for 50 years before I retired. But you know everything, so you must be right. I've had a very cushy life!

You were the one who clearly stated, "...this is a terrible country." I merely suggested that you my find a different country more to your liking.

And I guess you missed the part where President Clinton got Congress in the 1990s to pass welfare reform, with lifetime limits upon how many years for which one can receive welfare.
In addition, I guess you missed the statistics which show that there are more abortions than live births in most large urban areas. If live births were so economically advantageous for the poorest among us, why are their abortion rates so high? Of course, if conservatives have their way, the poor will have almost no abortions, and, instead, have more live births of children who would be mostly born to suffer in a nation of your choosing which would have no support for these innocent victims! If parents make bad decisions, make their innocent children pay! Right, GZ aka Mr. Empty Glass?

BTW -- You glorify a decade in America you didn't live through, and you apparently never studied! For example, private sector union membership was at its peak in America in the 1950s, in the range of 30%. The latest figure for private sector union membership is under 7%. Could there be some relationship here?
And for how long will union bashers keep bashing a group that barely exists? What will happen if private sector union membership goes down to 1%? Will conservatives and business executives, and their sycophants, STILL blame unions for all of America's economic problems?

"And for how long will union bashers keep bashing a group that barely exists? What will happen if private sector union membership goes down to 1%? For as long as they continue to act as the defacto accounts receivable for one political party using money that would be better spent on those they claim to represent.

I notice you only quoted the percentage of private unions. Why not public ones? Public employees have more laws protecting them than any other group yet they require union representation still... why? They have bankrupted cities and states. So of course the VW workers in Kentucky don't want to unionize, they've seen what the Democrats and unions have collectively done to Detroit.


"I've had a very cushy life!"

You're not listening, which is the standard tactic of a gold-plated Boomer. I never mentioned your parents. I simply said and implied that you lived in a capital-formation era. My Boomer boss likes to sum it up as "you made money by tripping over it". That was the peak of the culture of the United States. It will never be that good again. It can't... since there isn't a dirt-cheap energy source like 20th Century petroleum that can possibly fuel such an era, ever again. Ever.

I pointedly said you're soaked in a gold-plated retirement package. That has nothing to do with your parents or your early life. Like many Boomers you're terrified that we're coming to "get" those retirement packages. That we're going to take them away from you. And you're right. We're going to do just that, because it was insane to issue those packages in the first place. We can't afford them. It took decades for that crookedness and stupidity to play out, but it had to play out.

"I merely suggested that you my find a different country more to your liking."

No, I'm taking my own country back. Don't get in my way.

"And I guess you missed the part where President Clinton got Congress in the 1990s to pass welfare reform, with lifetime limits upon how many years for which one can receive welfare."

It didn't make any difference, since the welfare state still grew and grew. Millions of middle-aged men ended up sliming their way onto the rolls of SS disability.

"If parents make bad decisions, make their innocent children pay!"

That's exactly correct. Because the nation-state cannot be a parent. Or a husband. Or a brother. That's not the function of government.

"The latest figure for private sector union membership is under 7%."

It should be ZERO percent. And that's not the real union problem in the USA today... it's the absurd growth of PUBLIC sector unions. In other words, your class of parasite.

You make your position crystal clear. You are so angry! How profoundly sad for you! You want guarantees in life. Maybe your boss was guaranteed things. I wasn't.

I'm not going to apologize for having 1/4 of my earnings involuntarily placed into a retirement fund. I'm not going to apologize for my wife. who has a masters degree, and me making the sacrifice of having her stop working outside the home for 9 years, and living frugally on one beginning teacher's income. I'm not going to apologize for giving money to my parents when they were old and infirmed -- nor will I complain about it...that's what children do for their parents, if they are able to do so.
I'm not going to apologize for buying a house in a school district that I perceived would not have severe budget problems, so our children could get an uninterrupted public school education. I'm not going to apologize for living in the same home we bought in 1974, and paying it off in 1994, just before our older child started college. I'm not going to apologize for the sacrifices my wife and I made to pay for our children's college educations so they could graduate without tens of thousands of dollars in student loans. I'm not going to apologize because my wife and I have been able to save more since our children left college and married, and investing those funds wisely.

But, you're right GZ aka Mr. Empty Glass, I have had it made! It was all laid out for me! I didn't have to work for anything! And neither did my wife! In the far distant future, GZ aka Mr. Empty Glass, when you've been working for 40 years, just remember, I still had ten more years to go before I could retire.

"I'm not going to apologize for having 1/4 of my earnings involuntarily placed into a retirement fund."

Those weren't earnings. That money was never 'yours'. If there wasn't a contract that specified it be paid, the money simply wouldn't have been paid. Your employer plowed money into a retirement paradigm for your class of person. And that's over. Forever.

You're a gold-plated Boomer. Everything you've said supports that. That was always the issue with you people, and now it's over. But you won't admit it. The only way we're finally pulling your blood-sucking mandibles from our collective financial flesh is by watching you folks finally drop dead and fall off. Attrition. And anything that relies on generational attrition is going to end up being a long and painful process.

"I have had it made!"

You do. You had lifetime employment and a gold-plated retirement. Just like I said before.

"It was all laid out for me!"

It was. An entire financial industry was built from essentially nothing, by planning and plotting all this out.

"I didn't have to work for anything!"

Who said you didn't do any work? I'm merely saying your were massively overpaid and over-benefited and over-pensioned. It was a generational... nay, civilizational event that can never be repeated, since there aren't any more cheap and plentiful energy sources that can duplicate such an era. It's over. Forever.

time. You know nothing of my employment situation. The Toledo Public Schools adopted a program over 30 years ago -- initiated by the Toledo Federation of Teachers -- to eliminate poor teaching practitioners. Most of the tenured teachers who have been let go under this award-winning program have been eliminated from teaching in TPS at the initiation of union teachers, NOT administrators.
Once again, the facts don't match the misguided propaganda you blindly believe. Do some research first, then comment!

And, finally, your description of the remuneration for teaching would be laughable if it weren't so misguided. Statistically, teachers are paid less than almost any other profession which requires a college degree.
Instead of being so angry, why don't you better prepare yourself for a job where you'll make a lot of money? For example, with your financial expertise, you would make a wonderful financial advisor. Get a license! I can hear your advice now, "No stocks. No bonds. You can only trust three metals in which you invest everything you can get your hands on -- gold, silver, and hot lead!"

"I could have been fired at any time."

Yeah, tell lies to people who are too stupid or uneducated enough to believe them. The TPS filled up with senior union members who just couldn't be fired without extraordinary circumstances. That's what a union does: Protects the senior members from anything, including responsibility.

No one seriously believes that TPS program did anything but give the senior union members more power over the junior members.

"[T]eachers are paid less than almost any other profession which requires a college degree."

Considering the terrible performance of the TPS, they should be paid even less than that.

There's no such thing as being paid for your credentials, at least rationally so. You Liberals will never learn this. And that goes double for being paid for doing a lousy job. And the TPS has done a lousy job. The students are emerging from the TPS not having sufficient skills in reading, writing and math. And that's me being kind.

"Instead of being so angry, why don't you better prepare yourself for a job where you'll make a lot of money?"

Because I'm not a money whore like you and your ilk, the Golden Class. I really can't even imagine spending my time (which is all mortals have) chasing money and then spending it, borrowing madly to leverage myself into a stress-related illness, then relying on Obamacare to support my poor choice in lifestyle. But that's just me.

You go on and on resenting others who gained credentials and became professionals; thereby, earning more than most who do not gain professional credentials. Then you unbelievably state that you can't imagine, "...spending my time (which is all mortals have) chasing money."

First of all, I urge you to do the same thing I urged my students to do. Get the credentials to do a job you enjoy, and one that pays enough so that you can support yourself reasonably well. One can work, make a decent living, and enjoy their work. But, you don't get such jobs just because you exist. You must work to make that happen!

If you think I taught for the money I was paid, you are a very sad person. And if you believe that TPS has few success stories, you're delusional. I also told my students that the attitude they brought into a school and into a classroom meant more than which school and classroom the entered. I taught well every single student who entered my classroom with the goal of getting the best education possible. Those who failed, and many did, failed because they were unprepared to take education seriously for a myriad of reasons.

I'll just give you 3 real life examples of teachers who improved dramatically in their careers. I'll start with myself. For 11 1/2 years, I taught at Cherry Elementary School. Cherry students had among the lowest test scores in TPS. I then taught at DeVeaux Junior High/Middle School for 23 1/2 years. Many of those years, DeVeaux's students had test scores above every other junior high in TPS, even one whose demographics would have predicted those students would score higher. DeVeaux's students even scored higher than those attending schools in neighboring districts. I transformed into a better teacher when I transferred to DeVeaux, right?
Wait. It gets better -- well, more dramatic.
I know a former teacher who started our at LaGrange Elementary. The students there had test scores even lower than those at Cherry School! He then got a job in the Ottawa Hills Schools. WOW!! Did HE improve as a teacher. His Ottawa Hills students scored near the top of all schools in the entire State of Ohio.
One of my former student teachers at DeVeaux went on to work in Ottawa Hills, where he is still employed. Guess what? His Ottawa Hills students also score among the top in the entire state. I guess I trained him well.

I taught because I wanted to teach. I taught in TPS because I wanted to teach in the district in which I was educated. I had the opportunity to follow a friend into administration, and move with him around the state, making a lot more money than I could as a teacher. But, I wanted to stay in the classroom. I was an officer in the Ohio Federation of Teachers for 22 years. I did all of that work part-time. I was a full-time teacher during my entire 35 year career. If I just wanted to make money, I would have stayed in the business world, in which I worked for 15 years BEFORE I became a teacher.

The greatest reward from teaching is seeing so many of my former students doing well. I could give dozens of examples I know of myself, but I'll just give you one recent example. One of my former students recently became a full time ballet instructor. She pulled me aside when my wife and I went backstage after a performance by her students. She said, "Now I know why you enjoyed teaching so much." I responded, "The rewards are a lot greater than money, aren't they?" She said, "Oh yes!"

When my wife and I were in a horrendous accident, December 30, 2011, we saw many health care professionals. One MRI technician recognized me. She was a former student. The young man who pushed my wheel chair down to therapy was one of my former students. When I was going to the office of the trauma doctors, after being released form the hospital, I saw another former student who is training to be a nurse. Recently at the office of my primary care physician, her nurse, who is training to be a physician's assistant, was one of my former students.
The woman who has cut my hair for nearly 20 years is one of my former students, and her middle daughter was also a former student, and is on a full ride scholarship to Oberlin! Rebecca paid me the greatest compliment. Some female friends of mine also get their hair styled by her. Rebecca told one of them recently, that the best thing about Mr. Pertcheck was that he expected every student to succeed, regardless of their background. "He didn't care that my family was poor and struggling. He always treated all of the students with respect no matter what their personal background was."

Finally GZ aka Mr. Empty Glass, most of the unfounded, unproven charges you make are a reflection of you rather than me. Yes. I could have been fired at any time. The son of one of my mother's best friends was removed from TPS as a teacher. His mother asked me to intervene on his behalf. It was very hard for me to tell this woman who was almost like an aunt to me, that I would do nothing to interfere with the process. In addition, the spouse of a TFT officer was also removed from teaching in TPS.

In your cynical world view. no one ever does anything except to enhance themselves and protect those closest to them. Many of us live a much more nearly altruistic life than that. I'll admit one selfish motive. I sleep better at night because I try to do the right thing. I don't always succeed, but I try.

One small correction, Dale. Congress forced President Clinton, who at the time was staggering politically, to agree to reform welfare law. Remember when Clinton -- at a press conference, I believe -- said that he was "still relevant" in governing the nation? I almost felt sorry for the Philanderer in Chief. He had been that weakened by Gingrich & Crew. Anyway, your faulty memory of what occurred is understandable. In the years since, revisionists intent on rehabilitating Clinton's legacy have had some success in portraying him as more moderate than he actually was.

Patience is a great virtue.

Clinton proposed welfare reform. Clinton vetoed Republican legislation which overspent on programs right-wing ideologues supported. Clinton closed down (part of) the government to force Republicans who controlled Congress to compromise.
We obviously have a fundamental difference of opinion about who initiated what. The fact is that Clinton signed welfare reform into law. If Clinton had vetoed the legislation, it would have never become law. The fact is that in the last 7 years of Clinton budgets, added together, the SURPLUS was about $50,000,000,000! W and the Republicans in Congress turned the surpluses into deficits.
Sorry for stating facts. I know that ideologues hate facts. Facts get in the way of their opinions.

Clinton proposed welfare reform while running for president the first time around, a tactic designed to win votes. Nothing happened for the next four years. What? No presidential initiative? Welfare reform came about in 1996 when Bill "I'm Still Relevant" Clinton signed legislation that was a component of the GOP's Contract With America.
I enjoyed your musing about a presidential veto of the bill. Clinton certainly was a piss-poor president who inadvertently benefited from the false wealth created by Wall Street's ill-considered obsession with the IT industry, but he was an excellent politician.
I admire how you reject any suggestion that you are in error by contending you are "stating facts" and that anyone who disagrees necessarily is an "ideologue." You're quite skilled in the art of deflecting.

Patience is a great virtue.

You have many opinions. You FACTUALLY state that Bill Clinton made welfare reform a campaign issue. I strongly disagree with your unsubstantiated OPINION that Clinton offered welfare reform only for political purposes.
Bill Clinton was and is a political moderate and a pragmatist. He NEVER was a liberal. He NEVER was an ideologue. As a moderate, Clinton sometimes agrees with liberal views, and sometimes agrees with conservative views. And, for the record, Hillary was raised in a fairly wealthy, conservative Republican family.

DW -- I have not accused you of being an ideologue. I only stated that ideologues hate facts. If, DW, you hate facts...

Michelle said, Isn't this a great country, she said " I'm just now proud of my country"

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

And OJ Simpson is still in prison.

I'm not surprised that events that are positive for African Americans are belittled by other groups.

I hear seven (7) maverick Democrats voted against Holders' pick for Assistant AG! Sometimes worshiping cop-killers is a stupid decision, career wise.

You obviously don't like the monster America has created. The racism and discrimination has backfired. The victims learned how to use the system to their advantage. In the meantime, many, many people of color educated themselves and through hard work obtained positions of power so that the monster is almost impossible to destroy. The great majority of people of color are not on welfare or receiving government assistance. The greatest number of people receiving welfare or some type of government assistance are White Americans, corporations and foreign countries.

Let's not be like Nazi Germany and blame our short comings on innocent people.

Thanks for typing out the Liberal Manifesto. We already know you're the enemy. And we know exactly what to do with an enemy. The USA must Balkanize and there's going to be blood in the streets. And in that scenario, my side is better armed and has real stuff to lose. Your side can just stay home, drink malt liquor and sell drugs.

Don't over estimate yourself.

Don't over estimate yourself.

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