Honoring a Fallen Hero

This made national news. And the child is from right here in Toledo! Have any local news organizations picked up on this story?


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so sparse. Isn't this a great human interest story worth pursuing?
I have so many questions!
>How did this child come to turn this negative into a positive?
>Did the family get counseling for themselves?
>Did the family get counseling about how to approach this with the child?
>Did the military provide counseling?
>At what age was the child first told of his father's death?
>At what age did the child first show a true understanding of, and appreciation for, the sacrifice his father made?
>How can their experience be a guide to those who will face future losses like theirs?

To me, it's a wonderful story. Isn't it worthy of some in-depth follow-up?


Have you had contact with the family?

If this young man hasn't been referred already I'd recommend him for a scholarship through Folds of Honor. www.foldsofhonor.org

They are a group who gives scholarships and grants to the children of wounded and fallen military members.

It's a great organization I've personally worked with and seen the good work they do. They also keep their operating costs low so they can assist more children.


This child deserves every possible advantage the son of a fallen hero deserves.


Fred is taking some time away from SB but contacted me and indicated he'd pass my suggestion to the family. FoH is a great organization and I've donated and worked with them.

Military members are willing to put up with a lot if their families are taken care of. This organization does just that very effectively.


Thanks again, Mikey. And thanks to Fred as well.

Most of you who read here probably already know that Myles Eckert was on the "Ellen Show" last week. Here is a link to the on-line video of his appearance.

News is something different and unusual -- out of the ordinary. Most news focuses upon terrible stories. There's a very old saying in the news business: "If it bleeds, it leads." Americans often complain about the news being too negative and focusing too often upon the worst in American society. How many times have you heard people say, 'Why don't 'they' report any GOOD news?"
When the whole OJ thing blew up and Larry King was really big on CNN, he had a guest on almost every night for months who had some connection with the OJ situation. I remember seeing Larry King interviewed on another talk show about this. In polls, Americans overwhelmingly deplored what they perceived to be the over-coverage of the OJ case. King explained that he, too, wanted to avoid the OJ topic. But, on those rare nights when he had nothing on his show about OJ, his ratings were down significantly from the levels they achieved when he had an OJ story line. And King is in show business, where ratings translate into advertising revenues. Money drives the news business. I guess that bad events covered on TV are something like a vehicular accident. People can't help but slow down to stare at the tragedy.

Here we have some really good news, and it's about an 8 year old, soon to be 9 year old, Toledo boy. He is a tribute to his heroic father, to his family, and to our community. Let's enjoy this story!

there are on this thread compared to all of the posts on the negative articles in the Swamp?
In polls, Americans consistently -- by overwhelming margins -- complain about the negativity in the news. Toledoans express these same views. Was the information so complete here that there is nothing else to add?

"If it bleeds, it leads." Not just a slogan!

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