Strangest legal threat yet

Whoever posted this link to violate their copyright should feel ashamed - yawn. You will be tempted to click over but I would not -this is an fyi post only. My bet is Google penalized this site for posting spam so they came up with a scheme that they will threaten sites that they posted spam on to try to get them to remove it. Apparently the site admins consist of high school students who got caught with their pants down because that is would be the only reasoning behind such a twist of a threat. Good luck getting all of these links removed Legal Compliance Department.

I am duly authorized to act on behalf of and the purpose of writing this mail is to remove few of the links which are added on your website.

These are links are created by some of our competitors to harm by violating its copyright. Please remove those links in good faith which are posted without permission of Since these links are considered as Spam backlinks as per Google Standard Guidelines. If the links are not removed in goodfaith within will be forced to file legal court-case to recover cost of copyright Infringement & which in turn may harm reputation of in many ways.

I would really appreciate your help in removing link provided below -

Above mentioned link is pointing to my website:

I hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks in advance!

P.S.:- Please remove those links in good faith which are posted without permission of



Legal Compliance

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I'm sorry, Chris. I turned you in. They said they'd kill my dog if I didn't talk

Patience is a great virtue.

Blog world that retired baseball players have a lot of time on their hands and to be wary of them. I guess I will have to watch you closer from now on. Thanks for getting me in hot water.

At the could ruin the reputation part of the letter. PhakitMan and GuestZero ruined it a long time ago.

There's no such thing as "illegal linking".

Question: Do I need permission to link to someone else's site?

Answer: In general, if someone is making a website publicly available, others may freely link to it. That open linking is what makes the web a "web."

GuestZero: Ruining Web Reputations, One Site at a Timeā„¢

Good one, GZ. I'm actually laughing out loud. Not rolling on the floor, though.

Patience is a great virtue.

I have to wonder why anyone would take the time to write a bogus letter like that.

"WELL THEY CAN F%$#ING UN-POST IT!" - Walter Sobchak, The Big Lebowski


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