Fueling Jobs

Tens of thousands of new jobs, BILLIONS of dollars added to our economy and decreasing our dependence on foreign oil are huge steps in the right direction for America.

But radical “Greens” are waging a last-minute “War on Energy” to KILL the environmentally-friendly Keystone Pipeline Project which would allow America to tap into Northwest American vast oil fields.

It’s up to you and me to stop them. Please sign the petition below by completing the form on the right. Your signature will help communicate to the State Department the importance of an IMMEDIATE approval of the Keystone Pipeline. Go to http://www.fuelingjobs.com/

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Look, I'm pro-pipeline. We're going to use the oil, we might as well get it from Canada and as cheap as possible. But using eminent domain to build a private pipeline through people's land shouldn't be legal and the Nebraska Supreme Court made the right decision to stop the construction of the pipeline through their state.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

I wouldn't count on that, HB. One, Americans when pressed for energy supply, won't care about civil rights. Two, citizen rights in the face of eminent domain and ED-esque actions have been eroding; check out the Kelo Decision of the SCOTUS. So it's all too likely that for point #2 alone, Nebraska will say to all heck with the rights of private property when a money-producing pipeline's rights are being infringed.

If Keystone is built, that oil is going right into tankers and out of this country, period.

Smart move, selling off the USA and Canadian oil reserves. Goes well with the whole idea of CONSERVATION.

All oil in the world is in a world marketplace. It can vanish into arbitrary tankers and pipelines in a short period of time, directed by price and buyer. So what? We're going to consume it. That's what oil is for.

If they wanted to export the oil, they'd build the pipeline through BC to the Pacific and ship it to China. Besides, there's already a place with tar sands and easy access to the Atlantic. It's called Venezuela.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

Not necessarily about the Pacific thing, since Europe is fairly thirsty for oil like we are. However, it seems Europe gets about 80% of its oil now from the Soviets, Africa and the Middle East. Exports from the Americas to Europe today are about 3%.

It ain't gonna be refined in Texas. That's B.S.

Building it through the Rockies would just up the costs a lot more, because MOUNTAINS. Easier to deal with digging a huge trench through flat dirt out in the middle of the USA vs. drilling and blasting your way through the mountains. Much much cheaper too.

They're already hauling the crap via tank car trains to the east coast to be refined and exported there.

How about we build some new refineries to handle this stuff? OH WAIT THAT WOULD MAKE SENSE AND CAUSE GAS PRICES TO DROP. Anyone remember what it took for gas prices to hit $4/gal? Yeah, it took oil at $140 a barrel. Funny thing how with oil hovering around $95 we are still running high gas and diesel prices.

Also did anyone mention most of those "new jobs" are bullshit temporary construction jobs? Create tens of thousands of jobs that vanish the moment the pipeline is finished.

Aren't all construction jobs temporary?

Not if unions have anything to say about it. I've spoken to guys in the Boston T system who told me that it was almost impossible to get a rail line completed. The union guys would drag the job out as long as they could.

I'm just baiting AC at this point. Was I too obvious? LOL!


Most facts and ANY legitimate contribution posts are considered trolling or a troll to cOWARD

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

I don't actually believe AC is trolling himself. I can see that despite any common knowledge of Human nature, he sincerely believes that people can just be nice to each other for no apparent reason. Even family members don't really do that... and yet, for some bizarre reason, some rich guy sitting in an office many miles away from you and the consequences of screwing you over with his spreadsheet, will somehow feel brotherly to you and NOT screw you over with this spreadsheet.

I'll never understand why Liberals don't understand power (particularly economic power) and how it's used. Liberals seem to be blinded by mob rule events that unerringly become subverted into supporting the ruling classes anyway. Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees... more like not seeing the tree for the bark.


Here's some more IRONY for your diet, let me just change a few words and add a couple notations:

I'll never understand why Conservatives don't understand power (particularly economic power) and how it's used. Conservatives seem to be blinded by mob rule events (THE TEA PARTY!) that unerringly become subverted into supporting the ruling classes (TEA PARTY CONTROL BY THE KOCH BROTHERS AND SO ON) anyway.

I resent that you're making me work this hard lately to get you to respond (i.e. detonate). Did somebody add a buffer chemical to your mix? Or what?

I don't need to criticize the Conservatives. Their failings are well documented. I coined the term "Turd Right", after all, which you'd recall if we assume your brain hasn't been numbed by marijuana or snorting ammonia or whatever it is that you Liberals do for fun these days. But my ire has been honed to a razor's edge by all these Liberals who while claiming to be so well educated, become wholly unable to see their society or understand basic economics.

Because most people who lean left are at least aware of economic realities, but theirr ideology compels them to ignore these considerations. It turns out, we can’t even be that charitable. Most progressives are just plain economically illiterate,and that is not an ad hominem attack. It is an unfortunate but statistically accurate statement. They display here all the time.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Granted. I'm sure half of the problem is that too many Liberals are either lifetime (and embittered) employees, union members, or academics. All those sorts of people are removed from economic decision making. That's a polite way of saying they don't run businesses or get deeply involved in the industrial economic machine. So they really have little idea how wealth is created. All they know is that wealth exists, therefore government force should be used to redistribute it. Then they have to wake up to the shocking surprise that a government that's based on monetary concerns is easily and entirely conquered by capitalists... the very enemy they believed such a government was targeting.

Over time the Liberals through managing their frustrated lives either stop being Liberal, or they give in to the evil seduction of mob rule.

All the talking points, repeated just like they want.

For people who have such great reflexes, these Teabaggers are lousy athletes.

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