the "without them--I'm/we're unnecessary" test


There's an ignorance growing among Americans. Something that was rare during most of America's history. It used to be that people recognized that Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Vanderbilt were providing jobs for people. Sure--they had riches beyond most citizens' imaginations--but people appreciated the good things they did for the Country (employment and philanthropy).

The liberals have systematically denigrated "the rich" by appealing to the entitlement population who believes that taking money from the rich and giving it to the government will make them (individually) richer. This is ignorance at its finest.

To put things in a logical (and not emotional) perspective, people need to apply the "WITHOUT THEM--I'M/WE'RE UNNECESSARY" test. Here goes.

A friend of mine incessantly complains about how much he dislikes the family that owns and manages the company at which he works. He resents the long hours he works and that the owners have nice cars and big homes. Well, without them putting up the money and taking the risks to start the company, my friend's job would be unnecessary. Nothing would change in the owners' life if my friend quit, but my friend's life would significantly change without the owners.

Remember how during the auto bailout President Obama closed many of the auto dealerships while bragging he would save the majority of the production workers' jobs? This displays the lack of business acumen of a community organizer. In fact, without the dealerships to sell the cars--the production workers are unnecessary.

As will probably be evidenced by the comments made to this post, the people with the most inflated sense of worth are also the ones who can't honestly apply this test to their own situations.

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Anyone with real world business sense would realize that employers never hire unless it is necessary. Therefore your friend's job is necessary to his employer. He or she might not be the only one able to do that job, but whoever does it is necessary.

" In fact, without the dealerships to sell the cars--the production workers are unnecessary."


You don't need a flippin' dealership if you cut them all out and sell direct. Which is why the dealerships are screaming bloody murder and bribing legislators to protect them.

So you're suggesting that GM, Ford, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Toyota, and Honda don't need dealerships in order to keep their production workers employed?

Jeeps used to be sold at the plant directly to their customers.

Was that the only place they could be purchased--at the plant? What year(s) was that?

I heard this sometime around 68-70. I know when AMC bought Jeep, they were sold through their dealerships. Maybe someone can let us know more about it.

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