Ares Armor Tactical Store Threatened with Fines & Jail Time for AR-15 Sign

Ares Armor is a small tactical company that operates a store in National City, California. Recently the town of National City disapproved of a sign displayed at the National City store location and told the store, "Take down the sign or go to jail. We do not approve of guns...or you."

The store has been in compliance with the law and was not doing anything illegal. So why is there a fuss? It's because of the guns and the message of freedom being promoted by Ares Armor.

Dimitri Karces is a Marine veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan and CEO of Ares Armor. His staff include other Marines veterans as well.

Karces was born in Utah and moved to California where he has been ever since. Following his service in the Marine Corps, he and some fellow veterans started Ares Armor.

Prior to the city speaking to him about the sign, Dimitri says that a uniformed officer stopped by and took pictures from outside. Dimitri's neighbor told him that the city didn't like what they had on their sign, a picture of an AR-15. Notice that the issue was not the sign itself. It was not its dimensions or it being obstructive, but its message.

Ares Armor sells 80 percent AR-15 lower receivers, upper receivers, lots of tactical gear and knives. They also provide tactical training.

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Apparently no city official was willing to present an official document about the matter. Sounds like the matter won't go anywhere since no real legal force is being used against the gun shop. Tempest in a teapot, and typical Liberal behavior on the part of the council.

There are a lot of people like that here in CA.

There is very much a culture of a nanny state here. I see it on both sides of the political spectrum. It's a shame as California has moved away from the independent spirit that the rest of the Western states hold very dear.

More threatening to gun rights is there are individuals in LA and SD who are trying to prevent open carry since their Sheriffs have effectively stopped concealed carry in their areas.


California needs to secede from the union. Nobody will stop them from doing it, that's for sure.

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