Smoke cleared, balanced eyes look at VW vote

Great editorial from the Detroit News today on the failed attempt by the UAW to force people to join the union. It's clear the UAW had nothing to offer, and even though outside forces like President Obama urged a yes vote, workers knew what they wanted.

Here's a portion- "Even President Barack Obama weighed in, urging workers to vote yes.

The UAW had everything going its way except for a compelling reason for workers to unionize.

VW employees seem to have no grievance against the company, which opened the Chattanooga facility three years ago. Wages are comparable to those of new hires in UAW-represented auto plants in the north. Working conditions in the modern facility are good."

From The Detroit News:

No votes yet

Yeah more biased journalism.

SITTING REPUBLICAN SENATOR BOB CORKER makes his remarks in public and issues statements that VW was not going to make new products if the plant voted in the UAW, well in advance of voting starting.

PRESIDENT OBAMA makes his remark BEHIND CLOSED DOORS TO DEMOCRATS on Friday as the vote was ending.

Yeah, guess who got the most influence in?

Do you get some kind of reward points from Clear Channel for white-knighting their political line on local forums or something? 500 posts earn you a free trip to Florida?

Oh well it's not like the GOP threatened to cut off incentives or anything, OH WAIT

Should workers vote for UAW representation, "I believe any additional incentives from the citizens of the state of Tennessee for expansion or otherwise will have a very tough time passing the Tennessee Senate,” said State Sen. Bo Watson, R-Chattanooga.

Also, state Rep. Gerald McCormick, R-Chattanooga, urged VW workers to vote “no” on the UAW.

“The taxpapers of Tennessee reached out to Volkswagen and welcome them to our state and our community. We are glad they are here. But that is not a green light to help force a union into the workplace. That was not part of the deal,” the House majority leader said at a press conference."

The UAW no longer has anything to offer a new establishment since they only serve to protect a smaller and smaller core of senior members. They're dying off. Therefore they should be losing power and influence. Somehow this is a big surprise to the Liberals. But it's irrelevant. The private unions are being destroyed since that's what economics says must happen.

Now we the people must destroy the public unions for the parasitical shits they really are.

The UAW is seen by many as an opportunist organization that only protects the union rather than the worker.

This is one area that I'd say the Dems actually do have an image problem. The unions should focus on taking care of the employees they currently represent instead of trying to expand unionization or raising the minimum wage.


Good one, Mikey. But unions can't even take care of their current members, given how often they practice an internal apartheid with two-tier wage systems and other such outrages. Unions practice elitism outright... hence they are doomed morally to fall under the wheels of the larger economic elitism.

What I don't understand is, why is it anyone in Toledos' goddamned business how workers in an out of state plant vote? Hmmmmmm?

Paul doesn't live in Toledo. He doesn't even live in Ohio.


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