*** March on Washington DC ***

*** MAY 16th !! ***

Be there, or please Support those who do GO …………

Over 2.5 MILLION Vets, retired Vets & Civilians have pledged to go and Demand a change of Personnel in DC - from the top - down !!!!!

*** and We WILL stay in D.C. until the job is Done! ***

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So in other words this will be a grand total of three thousand hoverrounds barely moving under the fat asses of illiterate Teabaggers waving poorly-spelled signs for half an hour until they get too bored.

I was at CPAC in 2012 and saw the group to which you refer. For informational purposes, the group was SEIU (except there were only about 30 of them).

Tread, perhaps you and fellow protestors could erect a Tent City in the nation's capital as World War I vets did about 83 years ago in protest of the government reneging on compensation for combat service. Hopefully, the government this time won't call out active-duty soldiers to greet protestors with live fire.

Patience is a great virtue.

Tread should be safe, Herbert Hoover isn’t the president anymore. Besides, Obama is more like FDR, who actually did something to help the Bonus March Vets, instead of shooting at them.

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