Yes, on purpose, resulting in a single payer system.
54% (14 votes)
No, epic fail, they are incompetent.
46% (12 votes)
Total votes: 26
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Aren't all biased polls biased?

It's particularly bad when the poll question amounts to "have you stopped beating your wife yet?"

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Patience is a great virtue.

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How exactly is Obamacare going to result in a single payer system?

I keep asking Liberals this, and to date I haven't been given a sensible answer.

Obamacare does not directly lead to a single-payer national healthcare system, as they exist in every other industrialized nation in the world! It is far from socialistic. It reinforces capitalism by funneling huge amounts of money into private health insurance companies. That's why, even though we see many business people complaining about Obamacare, they don't include health insurance executives!

Here we go again. Obama wanted to find some way to get health insurance to tens of millions of Americans, many of whom were children without a choice in the matter. The compromise which created Obamacare was between the Obama Administration and the giant health insurance conglomerates. Obama had learned from the failed attempt by the Clinton Administration to have a true national healthcare system, that the giant health insurance conglomerates were simply too powerful for that to happen. So, Obama and his advisors went for a plan which was almost the duplicate of that which Romney affected in Massachusetts. Obamacare is so close to Romneycare it is nearly indistinguishable!

There are two good reasons why Obamacare passed with no Republicans voting for it. One, the giant health insurance conglomerates assured the Republicans that the bill would pass without any of their votes, so individual Republican Members of Congress were free to vote against Obamacare without retribution from the giant health insurance conglomerates who would reap multi-milliions from Obamacare. Trust me on this one. If the giant health insurance conglomerates needed Republican votes to pass Obamacare, Republicans would have been lining up to curry favor with them by voting for Obamacare! Secondly, the Republicans could now pray for the failure of Obamacare, and, if Obamacare failed, use their unanimous votes against Obamacare as fodder in future Congressional (and, perhaps Presidential) elections. So far, the Republicans are winning this one. Heaven forbid Obamacare starts to work well and millions more Americans are healthier than at any time in our history. How horrid THAT would be!

I dismissed your answer since it's not an answer. Handing even more of America's healthcare apparatus to the private health insurers, in no way makes the system single-payer or public or socialized by any sane definition.

Your answer is the now-classic Liberal delusion that your chocolate messiah and his flagship legislation would recover America from the horrible Bush Era. The sad truth is that Obama is just a continuation of the advancement and subsequent deterioration of the empire. Force is the preferred means of handling any conflict. Borrowing is very heavy. Military spending continues. Entitlement spending continues. The entire system is designed to crash, leaving the elite bailing out while the rest of us suffer.

This is indeed the summary quote from a Liberal who refuses to learn, well, anything really:

"Obama wanted to find some way to get health insurance to tens of millions of Americans[.]"

Health insurers would have already taken care of that if it made any economic sense. Therefore you're applauding a policy that does nothing but spread economic harm.

Read a book, Dale. Your basic ignorance is really stunning. But of course, education, REAL education, would show your Liberal platitudes to be truly stupid. Economics trumps Liberal ideology.

than you've ever seen! My degree was from the College of Arts and Sciences, and my minor was Economics. In addition, I've been investing in the stock market for nearly 50 years! I've read everything from Milton Friedman to Karl Marx! BTW -- despite what you and others here may think, my economic positions are definitely in the middle, between these two extremes. I assume that you limit yourself to reading books and articles by those who reinforce your negative, apocalyptic views! I admit that I do not read many of the, "The sky is falling!" types of articles, although I do read some. And you claim that I am delusional? Look in a mirror some time, GZ!

In case you have ignored my other posts on this topic, here goes, AGAIN. America does NOT have what is often misstated, "the best health care in the world." AMERICA HAS THE MOST EXPENSIVE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM IN THE WORLD. The giant health insurance conglomerates only care about making money. They priced millions of families of the working poor out of the health insurance/health care market! Every other industrialized nation in the world has recognized this, and established true national health care systems. The Clintons tried to do the same thing 20 years ago but were thwarted by the giant health care conglomerates.

President Obama is concerned with the tens of millions of Americans, many of whom are innocent child victims of this travesty of a health care system, who were totally ignored during the 8 years previous to Obama's taking office. Does that mean nothing to you at all, GZ?
Is Obamacare a panacea for the health care problems of this country? Hardly!! Is this copy of Romneycare the only type of legislation Congress would pass, even with Democratic majorities in both the House and the Senate? Almost certainly! Will millions of Americans -- many of whom are innocent children -- have affordable health insurance who didn't have it before? That's already happened, and the numbers are growing every day.

Here’s a weird overlap between conservative fears and liberal hopes, when it comes to single payer, maybe a handful of state level experiments. Both seem to think that Obamacare makes a universal government run system more likely. But both are wrong. And even if it did, still won't be enough.

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