MSNBC eats a large bowl of stupid

You'd think after three straight months of having egg on their faces MSNBC would have learned it's lesson.


Just weeks after publicly making fun of Mitt Romney's biracial grandchild and having to apologize MSNBC decides to send out a tweet that they believe "conservatives" have a problem with biracial couples. Whoever sent the tweet must have had their head up their a#$ when the pic of Romney's grandchild was aired.

So that means November had Alec Baldwin.

December had Martin Bashir and Harris-Perry.

And January has biracial tweeting.

One must ask what will MSNBC do to top it in February? They've only got 30 days to come up with it because this is not a leap year.

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Liberals have devolved their so-called weapons down to one thing: Racism. So they play the race card constantly, viciously, and even spasmodically.

Let the revolution begin?...............

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

I would love to have a conservative of color as our next Commander in Chief (Dr Ben Carson?). I would imagine the N word would quickly become en vogue with those of the leftward bent..

I disagree. The lefties find the race issue to be sacrosanct. They'd couch their terms at the very least, calling the candidate or President things like "simple" and "uneducated".

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