Wisconsin seeks to give surplus back to voters

Remember the days when Wisconsin was facing a 3 BILLION dollar deficit. Gov. Scott Walker was elected and the unions tried to recall him.

In his first year Gov. Walker took the 3 billion dollar deficit and turned it into a 300 million dollar surplus.

The impossible has happened again.

This time there's a 1 Billion dollar surplus. What is the government doing with it? Giving it back. Gov. Walker is proposing funding schools that are locally funded through property tax so that tax money can be given back to homeowners. Additionally he's adjusting the state income tax to return tax money.

What's fueling the surplus?

"Of the major taxes, sales tax collections are projected to be $350 million more than original estimates, individual income by $265 million, corporate income taxes by $214 million and cigarette taxes by $52 million."


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The thing is, it's not impossible but the unions and the Dems want you to think it is to further their agendas. Obviously Walker's agenda was to give taxpayers back some of their money.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

This quote was front and center at the Bill Clinton Presidential Campaign headquarters in 1992!

Many states have surpluses after initiating budget cuts during George W. Bush's Great Recession. The real miracle is in Ohio, because Ohio did NOT institute draconian measures to cripple unions, when the anti-union actions taken via SB5, passed by Republicans and signed by Republican Gov. Sick, were vetoed by a public vote against State Issue 2 in 2011! Governor Sick, and former Toledo Mayor, Michael Bell, stated over and over that neither could balance their respective budgets without the enactment of SB5. How did they both do so anyway? The answer is: economic improvement under the leadership of President Obama, that's how!
As the national economy improves, more Americans become tax payers, and less Americans remain tax users. That turns state and local budget deficits into budget surpluses. And do not forget, that public employee union members here in Ohio, without SB5, GAVE BACK OVER $1,000,000,000 IN CONCESSIONS to help state and local governments with their budget shortfalls during Bush's Great Recession.
One does not have to be an anti-union Republican to turn budget deficits into budget surpluses. It may interest you to know that San Francisco's unemployment level dropped to 4.8% last month! Not bad for a bastion of liberalism, huh? And California's Democratic State Legislature is working with California's Democratic Governor, and possible 2016 Presidential candidate, Jerry Brown, as to what to do with their large budget surplus.
Unlike some who post here offering only doom and gloom, I wish nothing but better times for all Americans. As the national economy improves, the budget situation for almost all state and local governments improves as well. Most state and local government officials had to make hard choices to deal with the Bush Great Recession. Neither Ohio Governor Sick, former Toledo Mayor Michael Bell, San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee, Wisconsin's Governor Walker, nor California Governor Jerry Brown have performed some kind of miracle. The 1992 focus is still relevant today, "It's the economy, stupid!"

Wisconsin did not issue a draconian measure to cripple unions.

What occurred was public employees cannot get wage increases over inflation rates unless approved by the voters. That's not draconian that's democratic since the taxpayers pay the salaries.

Additionally it told the unions that they needed to collect their dues themselves. What we discovered is that union members don't like paying union dues and when they are not forced to they won't.

The act changed a billion dollar hole into a surplus. The effects were almost immediate. In the first year the state of Wisconsin turned their budget around by over a billion dollars. It wasn't just felt at the state level. Local school districts also found they could turn deficits into surpluses.

I started this thread talking about Wisconsin, not Ohio. Dale, please do not derail the thread again. If you want to talk about SB5 then start a thread on it.


The California example is both off topic and irrelevant.

Off topic because it does not deal with Wisconsin.

Irrelevant because the economy did not turn California around, it still has one of the highest unemployment rates. The taxes were raised in California. So it's the complete opposite from Wisconsin where they are giving money BACK to taxpayers.


"As the national economy improves"

Say what? Who is so delusional that they'd believe such a phrase is true? The government has undertaken fatal debt loads to cover up the Second Great Depression, which started in 2008. Such a GDII will run for 20 years given that govt involvement will just extend the affair, so we're only in the 6th year of this generational economic collapse.

According to a common year of this crash, 2012, the federal government was bankrupt. The top 4 items (SS, military, DHSS (Medicare/Medicaid), and debt interest) of the federal budget consumed over 100% of the federal revenue, and nobody is politically willing to touch (i.e. budget-cut) those. So the feds now borrow 25% to 40% of each year's budget routinely in order to cover it all up. We're bankrupt. Only a lunatic could conclude that the national economy is improving.

And when a non-democrat gets elected and tries to correct this spending all hell is going to break loose because Obama care as in spending and give-aways to the people will be greatly reduced. Keep your powder dry..............

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

I deeply wish that a non-Democrat would "correct" (i.e. reduce) all this spending. So far that sort of hope seems foolish.

all states are part of one nation. We fought a Civil War 150 years ago which established this fact! Ohio's experience is similar to that of Wisconsin, WITHOUT THE ANTI-UNION LAWS! Voters vetoed the anti-union laws in Ohio! In this context, the Toledo experience is relevant, too.

California is very different than Wisconsin, but the economic recovery, slow though it may be, is what is real.

I endure all of the anti-Democratic rhetoric on this site regarding Democrats running Toledo, even when Toledo is led by a Republican in Independent clothing, like Mike Bell. The 4.8% unemployment rate in San Francisco is indicative of the fact that Democrats can run a city effectively. They do so in San Francisco!

I'm sorry if I post facts which question your positions, Mikey. Live with it!

Stop with the propaganda. The laws in question are not anti-union. They are pro-worker and pro-employer, meaning they are aligned with the natural laws of man. No union has the natural right to take control of an employer's business, which under current laws they obscenely can do today. The rights of private property naturally make current pro-union laws an obscenity... in other words, nobody should be forced to join a union, and nobody should be forced to negotiate with a union. All unionization should be voluntary, just like all employment should be voluntary.

Make a note of it.

Dale you are being ingenuous if you think the law is anti-union. If anything it's the workers who are anti-union. All the bill said was if you are in a union the union must collect the dues not the state (only for service employees with police and fire excepted). The workers who no longer wanted to be forced into a union refused payment and thus were kicked out of the union. Additionally, the bill said that public employees to receive a raise over inflation would have to do it by a referendum of the voters. Again that's not anti-union that's democratic by giving the taxpayers a way to decide how tax money is spent instead of it being approved by a politician who stands to gain a kickback while giving someone else's money away.

Now instead of starting a California thread you are now cherrypicking unemployment data from one city within it. California is a large state. It has vastly different georgraphy within it's borders. Political, social, climate, and economic geography. Yet you selectively picked one part where it was doing well to prove your point.

You have yet to dispute my fact that the sole reason California has filled it's budget gap is because it raised taxes ( it also took money from it's internal municipalities). This is a fact. AND now that it has a surplus, is it giving money back like Wisconsin? Nope, take take take take.

The state's unemployment rate is still over 8%. Wisconsin's is at 6.5%. Now compare Wisconsin to (Dem dominated) Illinois which has a rate of about 9%.

Additionally Illinois has a budget deficit of about 4 BILLION. And it has a similar geography to Wisconsin. http://hinsdale.suntimes.com/news/government/illinois_budget_report_proj...


California's unemployment peaked at 12.4% in October, 2010. Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger was the Governor at the time. Democrat Jerry Brown was sworn in as Governor in January, 2011. The unemployment rate has since plunged to 8.3%. Those are facts. Once again, I state that it is not a miracle by Jerry Brown. Wisconsin's unemployment rate when Walker became Governor in January of 2011 was only 7.4%. While California's rate has fallen by about 33%, Wisconsin's rate has fallen by about 12%. It is, "The economy, stupid." BTW -- the lowest unemployment rate on record for the State of California of 4.7%, was recorded in January of 2001, after 8 years of the Clinton Presidency. The Governor of California at that time was Democrat, Gray Davis.
You are the one touting Scott Walker as some kind of miracle worker. I am merely pointing out that the overall economy makes a lot of state and local leaders look good, regardless of party affiliation or ideology. San Francisco is a prime example! If you and others who believe as you do were correct, San Francisco, perhaps the most liberal big city in America, should be in terrible shape. The entire Bay Area has low unemployment. It just so happens that San Francisco is booming. Sorry that liberal Democrats can be successful! Maybe there's something to this liberal philosophy after all. Hmmm...

If you truly believe that Illinois and Wisconsin are a lot alike, except for the fact that they share a common border, you may not be as bright as I have thought. BTW -- Under Ohio Governor Sick, Ohio currently has a higher unemployment rate than 36 other states. If a rising tide raises all boats, why is the USS Ohio sinking?
FYI -- The nation's unemployment rate when Clinton left the White House in January of 2001, was 4.2%. When W left office, in January of 2009, it was 7.8%. It is now 6.7%. These are all figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, complied the same way each year. When the nation's economic health improves, the health of most of its states and cities improves as well.
Once again, "It's the economy, stupid!"

I'm a little too humble to use that term myself.
I believe you wanted to call me disingenuous. I assure you, I am absolutely serious, frank, and open on this topic; not disingenuous!

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