MLK Day Special Show

Great line-up today for MLK Day starting with Dr. Romules Durant the Superintendent of TPS, he'll be followed by Stacey Swimp of Project 21 the Black Conservative project, Will Lucas of the Ohio MLK Holiday Commission follows him, and we finish with The Buffalo Soldiers and Harley-Davidson who are teaming up for an event. All in a vain attempt to up my street cred with the minority community (or so DMHI, Zeyad, and twerpa would have you believe). Remember it's all about the ratings baby.

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One of my favorite Republicans.

Many, many Blacks were Republicans before 1964 when Barry Goldwater ran for President. When the news media published negative, racist prpoganda Goldwater allegedly supported the good relationship between the Republican Party and Black America ended.

The very idea of a "minority community" is racist.

These are people. Citizens. Toledoans, Ohioans and Americans. Fathers, sons, brothers. Consumers, voters. Paying any attention at all to race is what furthers the problems of race.

What Dr. King understood was natural law.

Complete separation naturally breeds conflict. It creates an Us vs. Them mentality. Not just in ethnic groups but rather in a tribal mentality i.e. gangs. That type of system breeds a might makes right system.

We see this not just in our ethnic communities but elsewhere in our society.

As bad as people think America is it doesn't even compare when comparing the "most racist countries". Take a look.


One reason it has been so important to open opportunities for minorities which were closed by some businesses and some unions, is to integrate the workplace, just as schools need to be integrated. The more isolated we are, with people who are "our own kind," the less we know and understand people who are different than us, even in some minor way. The statistic I saw was that the DNA in all the many varieties of human beings is 99.97% identical. Why do so many of us dwell upon the 0.03% that is different, rather than the 99.97% that is the same?
I always phrase this as building bridges, not walls. The United States of America, is unique in the world. We have a greater mixture of races. ethnic groups, and nationalities than any other country in the world. We are a kaleidoscope of peoples. This can either be a great strength, or a great weakness. If we empower the haters among us to divide us by these differences, our diversity weakens us both as a country, and as a society. If we, instead, glory in our differences, and build bridges of understanding from ourselves to other cultures, America is strengthened in a way no other country can be.
I, for one, choose to build bridges of understanding, and seek to knock down the walls of prejudice.

"Why do so many of us dwell upon the 0.03% that is different, rather than the 99.97% that is the same?"

Because when that 0.03% difference makes you drink heavily, take drugs, wear your pants half down, and commit violent crimes in broad daylight, a rational person pays attention to the difference.

Where do you live again, Dale? I had an actual shootout on my street recently. The hands doing the shooting weren't White, as usual. The next day I saw other neighbors (White, of course) pulling up a truck to move out. They couldn't leave fast enough. But I guess it's not racism, when you move to a Whiteville.

Diversity is only a weakness when there's no melting in the pot. The minorities won't integrate. They won't adopt our manner of living, nor our work ethic. And you Liberals can't toss welfare over your shoulders fast enough, as you pack your U-Hauls and head for your Whitevilles.

You stated, "They won't adopt OUR MANNER OF LIVING..."
That's part of your problem. You assume that your "manner of living" is so superior, that others MUST adapt to your "manner of living."

I'm sorry if you know of no non-whites who are successful. I worked with many successful non-whites, at the post office, at a couple of factories, and in teaching. Most of those non-whites in the field of education had masters degrees, and some had PhDs. I had one non-white student who was the valedictorian of her public high school graduating class, used a full-ride scholarship to get a degree from the Ohio State University, and worked while obtaining her masters degree in special education from the University of Toledo. Many successful non-whites were customers at my father's store, where I worked for 15 years. Others worked at other stores in the Swayne Field Shopping Center. One non-white, working his way through school while working at the Kroger store, became a successful attorney and the President of the local NAACP.

You, obviously, want to hide behind your walls of prejudice. That's your choice. I have made a different choice. And, for the record, I have lived in the same modest Sylvania neighborhood since 1974. We have had a non-white couple living across the street from us for about a decade. We haven't fled, yet! Oh, and also for the record, I've never seen either one of them even hold a gun in her or his hand. Sorry they don't fit your negative stereotype, GZ!

Oh, and now that I think about it, about 15 years ago, we had a white family living next door to us. Their teenage son would often come home at 3:00 or 4:00 A.M., and yell and scream in the street outside of our houses. He obviously had some type of serious problem. I guess we should have fled then, but our current neighbors on both sides and across the street are all very pleasant...even helpful!

Our manner of living is superior. After all, it's the manner of living that is viciously taxed to provide for all the welfare and juicy household goods that end up stolen and sold. Our manner of living makes, not takes.

You Liberals know exactly what I'm talking about, since you keep moving to Whitevilles to escape "the problem". You know statistics support what I'm taking about. FBI crime stats don't lie. Welfare stats don't lie. Even school stats don't lie, unless you're the TPS and you falsify the stats that make Liberals uncomfortable (i.e. the stats that say that Black largely consider education to be "White" and therefore held in contempt).

I don't agree. Black people don't hold education in contempt. They find education as a waste of time. The belief is that no matter how much education a Black person receives White America won't take their education seriously, and therefore, White America will find a way too discriminate against them anyway so they can discredit their qualifications. I know Black people who have Masters Degrees and decades of experience, but White America chose a 24 year old White male right out of college and no experience to be their boss.

"Black people don't hold education in contempt. They find education as a waste of time."

Face, meet palm. That's exactly my point. You're gleefully accepting the intentional ignorance of a group of people and are trying to justify it. But it can't work, since if you think the costs of education are high, try looking at the costs of ignorance. Rejecting education automatically puts you into poverty. Really, it's totally stupid. And that is also part of my point.

As for your anecdote, it's easily explained by the tendency of companies today to replace workers with young degreed people. Emphasis: YOUNG.


GZ you bring up some good points.

I'm reading a series of articles on the imacts of NGO's (non government orgnanizations) in third world countries. But dealing with it from a macro level one must ask is poverty the cause of the lack of education or the product. From what I can tell thus far from my own experience is it is cyclical but it makes you think about these issues deeper when you apply extreme third world examples to places like Toledo.


GZ, I think you should invite Dale over to your place sometime and let him see our reality. I'd invite him to my house but you know how I react when strangers show up on my property. It wouldn't be pretty.

The Dales of the world wouldn't be caught dead in my neighborhood. There are just too many Blacks and Hispanics, and the corresponding poverty they bring. The Dales of the world constantly retreat to Whitevilles.

I don't mind that they do, but I do mind that they won't admit it. They won't admit they flee. They won't admit why they flee. And most specifically, they won't admit race is the primary factor. I get extremely tired of hearing people lie all the time about factors like "crime", "bad schools" and "bad neighborhoods". Crime, bad schools and bad neighborhoods are creations of Blacks and Hispanics and their terrible taker culture, a criminal petri dish, much enabled by the welfare state. Yes, of course, Whites are involved, but not at such a high percentage of their own racial kind. I speak statistically most of the time.

If Blacks and Hispanics in Toledo opt out of taker culture, then I will naturally stop noticing their contribution to the problems of poverty, namely crime, bad schools and bad neighborhoods. Because if they stop, then there won't be such a contribution.

Blah, blah, blah. You can't resist blaming the victims of the oppressive society we've created. Estabish and maintain the mental and physical oppression and Blacks and Hispanics will stay in the barrel. The ones who attempt to escape from the barrel are labeled trouble makers and are punished.

We must remember that it was White America who decided that minorities were inferior and took an aggressive role to make sure minorities were deprived of good jobs, education and their rights. The distrust that minorities have toward White America is not going to go away because now we fear the monster White America has created. Those minorities that stood up and refused to accept White America's sentence on them were beaten and killed. because White America considered them to be trouble makers. I remember the1950's and 1960's. MLK was branded as a trouble maker by most of White America because he dared to organize and unite African Americans to not accept being treated as a second or third class citizen. As a result of MLK's efforts White America killed him and the distrust goes on.

ZC did you look at the map I posted?

As bad as you think "White America" is, it is nothing compared to the rest of the world.


When Zeyad says "White America" he means all the rich people and large companies that he intends to tax to death to support the ever growing welfare state. Sadly for him and other demented Liberals, rich people and large companies have better command of the tax system than Liberals do, hence the Liberal plan of tax-tax-tax just gets deflected and hits the middle class harder and harder. The end game is exactly the sort of society that Liberals claim not to want: A small percentage of rich people, surrounded by a Praetorian Class that guards them and their properties, which is then surrounded by a sea of dirt-poor (Liberals).

Guestzero, who's IQ might be above zero, can now read my mind. What a horrible thought.

So rather than post facts to show where he would be wrong and you would be right, instead you'd rather stoop to personal attacks. Yep, ZC, everyone's gonna start seeing things your way (/scarcasm)




"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Fred, if you're looking for guests for Black History Month, perhaps you could call Jay Black of the Toledo African American Chamber of Commerce, Rev. D.L. Perryman, a very persuasive writer for the Sojourner's Truth; and, in the area of successful entrepreneurship, Randall Hueston, the owner of Toledo Tin Knockers, an HVAC business. How the business got its name is interesting by itself.

Patience is a great virtue.

I think every month is Black history month.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

Let's not forget the contributions of the French, who taught us that snails are tasty and good for you. That and how they made Europe safe for Nazi domination.

Patience is a great virtue.

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