obama is an arrogant schmuck!


How was your last 17-day vacation? Or maybe, when was your last 17-day vacation? Or how about, have you ever had a 17-day vacation?

If your answer to the last question is “No,” then you need to aspire to becoming the President of the United States. Yep, President Obama just came back from a 17-day vacation with his family in Hawaii. It’s difficult to decide whether this is more exasperating because most Americans are struggling to parcel out their incomes to satisfy living expense obligations or that Obama is so arrogant that he doesn’t care about the negative perception of a bureaucrat imposing his tax and spend will on the “little people” while living the high life in paradise. What a schmuck (yes, I said it)!

According to U.S.A. Today, here’s the cost of a 17-day Hawaiian vacation for a family of four (just the necessities--not the golfing, sightseeing, etc.):

$596 per day for food and lodging (x 17 = $10,132)
$3000 for round trip airfare
$900 for a rental car
Total $14,032

There’s a saying that very accurately fits Obama’s intellect/personality—“A mile wide and an inch deep.” In response to the predictable liberal retorts regarding this statement, “What proof do you have that he’s smarter than Bush?” (Can’t be college transcripts because Obama refuses to release his); and “If I were a black male during the Affirmative Action 1980s/1990s, I too could have been accepted as a transfer student to Columbia—from Occidental College(!) and then become the first black editor of the Harvard Law Review (coincidentally it happened after the rules were changed that allowed the editor to be selected not based on grades—but for his popularity with other students).

The Obama presidency makes Jimmy Carter look like a statesman!

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Are government officials overpaid?
The salary for the President of the United States is $400,000 per year. Yes! The total compensation is far more than that. However, the AVERAGE salary of CEOs of the top 100 corporations is $7.9 million!
As long as the public compares the way every President of the United States is compensated to their own finances, the President will always appear to be overcompensated. But, if we are ever to attract into politics a better field of candidates, we must improve the compensation for those who choose to run for these offices.
Worse than the comparative compensation for CEOs, there are tens of thousands of middle to upper management personnel in giant corporations who make more than does the President of the United States, and have large expense accounts and other perks as well. Those corporate bureaucrats live in relative anonymity, while elected officials have their entire lives exposed, as well as the lives of their friends and relatives. For example, can anyone over 50 forget the whirlwind around presidential brother Billy Carter? Can those of us older folks forget another embarrassing presidential brother, Donald Nixon? Does anyone know the brother of GM's Vice President in charge of manufacturing?
Those who run for public office give up a lot for comparatively little remuneration considering their responsibilities. As long as we, as a society, choose jealousy over their personal life style, rather than the practicality of better compensation for elected officials, we will continue to have a higher percentage of public officials who disappoint us. As the great industrialist Armond Hammer often said, "If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys."

Go Obama! Continue to do the same things past Presidents have done. There is a difference. Black people aren't supposed to get vacations regardless who is paying for it.

Zeyadcharles: If you want to claim "racism," you should take a look at the last line of Dale's post.

Talk about being a hypocrite! You purposely make a charge which you complain about when others make such charges!
Armond Hammer has been dead for 23 years! Obviously his comment had nothing to do with someone he had never met!
For other readers:
When Armond Hammer first got into big businesses, he often entered fields where he, himself, had little or no expertise. In those cases, for instance when he took over Occidental Petroleum, he went to established companies in that field and hired the best people. In the oil business, this would mean hiring the best geologists to find the best places to dig for oil or natural gas, hiring the best riggers and supervisors to do the digging, etc. I can assure you that Armond Hammer could not have cared less what race, religion, or ethnicity, the people were whom he hired. He wanted the best, so he paid top dollar!
Now, if someone misinterprets the quote, it shows both ignorance of the quote itself, and it tells a lot more about the person making the accusation than it does about the person the accusation is directed toward.

Just recalling when Brian Wilson said something similar to your quote on the radio and he was accused of racism. Forgive me--for a moment I forgot there's that double standard for liberals!

No other comment needed.

Liberals are sooooo predictable! Couldn't anyone who frequents this website have predicted the responses given above--racism and implying that "poorly paid'" politicians deserve lavish vacations.

The point of my post (which apparently was difficult for some to grasp) is that assigning normal empathetic traits to Obama is a stretch. Even Jimmy Carter put on a sweater to show some empathy for the Americans as he was asking them to lower their thermostats. Obama should be ashamed of such opulent displays at a time when there are more Americans on welfare than ever before. Of course, that would require that Obama to be capable of shame.

Bush being the worst President that ever occupied the Whithouse never received the negative attention Obama gets. Maybe You'll be pleased if Obama has to use a Sears Catalog for toilet paper.

If Obama were to dress too casually, you would accuse him of not taking the Presidency seriously enough. If he dresses more formally, he is "arrogant" in your eyes. In other words, no matter what Obama does, you will look for a reason to criticize him. Ronald Reagan was seldom seen in public without a suit and tie. Would you consider Reagan to have been "arrogant?" Don't you have a double standard, Galt?

The actions of the first lady by staying behind after a 17day vacation then "needing" some girl time with that pig Ophra bag of shit sums up the insensitive, arrogant, hypocritical, I get to do what I want and nobody can say or do anything about it in your f***in face attitudes of the WH. Terrific presentation to the rest of the world not to mention here in this country that she would rather spend time with trash. Show the world what a fool Barry really is. Man doesn't even have the cojones to issue an executive order to those magpies. Yo momma. Time is long overdue to retrieve the countries' culture and heritage and dismiss all this badly written garbage television script. Force our long national nightmare to be over.

Do you know what a Hater is? Instead of giving respect to a great President, his family and friends some people can't resist the opportunity to bash them just because of the color of their skin. Instead we should show gratitude toward the people whose hard work and labor built this Country.

Opie wopie was said to have been offended by a remark made by Michelle Antoinette... something about limiting the number of fat black women invited to the White House. I think all of the pics of 1st lady & O were intended to squelch the "feud" rumors. After all, O wants to be invited back to the White House before the Obamas are out of office. Think about it for a second - who took all those photos of O and Michelle? How did that photographer gain access and get permission to publish? The American public, at large, is sooooo gullible and easily manipulated.

The Bushes would NEVER have gotten away with the globe hopping and absolute indifference to the poor that the Obamas have gotten away with. Not in a million years! I think the Bushes paid for their own vacations, as opposed to mooching off the taxpayers like the Obamas do. (Dale races for google to find any info to the contrary....)

I think Michelle Antoinette's motto is the same as Marie's was.... "Let them eat cake."

for using facts to refute your unsubstantiated beliefs.
Fact: George W. Bush took more vacations than any other President in the history of the United States. George W. Bush spent more money on flying back and forth to Texas, than Barack Obama has spent on all of the flights on his "vacations"! I found no record of the Bushes reimbursing the government for any of their trips.
I purposely did use Google to find out this information.
Sorry, FG!

I found the same information, Dalebertcheck. Once again Farmergal has let her marble size brain try to spread inaccurate information to possibly demean our great President, his family and his friends. I suspect envy may be the cause. Farmergal, the President doesn't want you as his babe or his friend.

Dale, weren't you advocating paying the President more money? I'm confused. The ammount of flying the President does is comparable to that of a CEO. So you want them to fly less than a CEO but get paid more.

It seems your judgement is clouded by who is in the office and what standard you want to hold them to.


I DO NOT resent the amount of money W spent traveling. FG made the fallacious statement that W paid for his trips. SHE is the one with a double standard. SHE is the one who is criticizing one POTUS for doing something that every POTUS in the last 50 years has done. I was only pointing out that SHE should ask herself why SHE would make such a big deal about money spent by Obama, and try to excuse W's higher expenses, stating erroneously that W paid for his own travel as POTUS, and implying that W traveled less than has Obama.
In addition, it is FG who challenged me to go to Google and find out the FACTS, which she, and most ideologues hate, because most often the FACTS refute FG's and other ideologues' OPINIONS. OPINIONS are fine, but they should be anchored in FACTS.

The amount we pay to the POTUS, whoever that is, pales in comparison to that paid to even middle level bureaucrats in large corporations. How can we get the best and the brightest to work for us, the people, instead of for the bottom line of some giant corporation, and the billionaires who own the lion's share of the stock in those giant corporations? We never will, as long as these talented, intelligent people can, not only make millions or tens or hundreds of millions in the private sector, but also they can do so and not have their entire lives inspected by hundreds in the media, much like a forensic doctor inspects the body of a person who dies under suspicious circumstances!
Our society tells us which people we value by what we pay people. We value those who entertain us, in movies, on TV, in sports. But we also value those who make a lot of money themselves and/or for investors. As is stated in the song, "If I Were a Rich Man," when a rich man is posed a question, "And it won't make one bit of difference if I answer right or wrong. When you're rich, they think you really know."
If we really want to have a better field of candidates for all elective offices, we'll pay them better. If we don't, we'll keep getting whom we are getting. Some are truly dedicated to the job. Some are in it for power and prestige. Some are trying to enrich themselves.

Dale I will agree with you that George W. Bush was underpaid and deserved more.


The POTUS comes with a large ammount of power. I don't think the little money has meant we have not gotten credible candidates for POTUS. There are other ways we compensate and the ammount of power and benefits POTUS receives adds to the value. I don't expect that to change.


for POTUS. And you don't think that any increase in compensation will make a difference. Hmmm...how socialistic of you! One pillar of the free market system is that one gets what one pays for. You really don't think that a salary competitive with that which CEOs get would attract a wider, deeper pool of talent to run for POTUS?
I love your last statement that you don't expect the remuneration for POTUS to change. I agree with that. The difference between you and me is that I believe that the free market would work to give us a better field of candidates for POTUS, if we made the compensation competitive with the compensation for CEOs of large corporations. When a large corporation wants to woo a new CEO, don't they lure the best possible candidates by offering high remuneration? And do you really think that CEOs don't have remuneration packages which have "power and benefits" beyond the millions of dollars they get?
Bottom line: I seem to believe in the power of the free market system more than do you!! Maybe that's because I helped to run a very small business for fifteen years with my father.

Remember the oft-quoted definition of insanity, most often attributed to Albert Einstein: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." If we keep underpaying our government leaders over and over again, but keep expecting better people to lead governments...

W spent 1020 days away from the White House. He passed Ronald Reagan's total only 5 1/2 years into his 8 years as President. That means, W was away from his primary work site 34.9% of the time he was in office! How's that for demeaning the job and showing arrogance?

And what do we do to the ones who dismantle, tear it down through sheer hatred. How much suffering, how many people will die caused by the flaming ineptness to bring about transformational change for the sole purpose of self-aggrandizement. The health care changes are proving to be murderous. Do you think he gives a damn if you live or die? Fat pig Ophra said it "we will not get rid of racism until all the old white people are dead." Bring it on fat fuck.

Good jobs. When people of all persuasions are gainfully employed they usually don' t dismantle what is working for them. Stop the oppression and the destructive behavior will subside.

Grow up, quit the belly-aching excuses and but some backbone into it. What is failed to recognize is when you take from someone else today it will be taken from you tomorrow. Believing that will not happen is delusion. You will have brought it about on yourself.

This is who your -great- president, his family and friends enjoy spending time with.

She then spewed “there are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it – in that prejudice and racism – and they just have to die.” Source: MSNBC

Sound anything like a short, mustached, sergeant from a different time?

Brausebad was the word written above the door at Dachau.

She is a pig.

I agree with Oprah. Most of the negative actions will disappear when the bigots die off.

http://www.newsmax.com/US/walmart-healthcare-insurance-plans/2014/01/07/... Interesting study on what Obama vs. WalMart healthcare plans are like.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

Wow, where I work the insurance plans are better than Obmacare too. It’s good to know Walmart is doing something for their employees that’s better than government insurance. Maybe Walmart should hire all the people in this country who need health insurance, then there would be no need for Obamacare.

No one outside of the Walmart inner circle knows too much. So, any economic statements about Walmart are all approximations.
Second: only about 1/2 of Walmart's employees qualify to get company sponsored health care coverage. In 2011 Walmart cut off all workers who were working less than 30 hours per week from health care benefits.
Third: A study in Wisconsin found that, on average, Walmart employees receive $3000.00 in government benefits PER EMPLOYEE PER YEAR. Of course, some employees get nothing, and some get much more than $3000.00, but, on average, when Walmart opens a new store with 300 employees, it will cost you and me as taxpayers nearly $1 million per year as long as that store is open. BTW -- Walmart rejects the study, NOT BECAUSE THEY CAN REFUTE THE STATISTICS, but, rather, because it is based upon only one state. And how different is Ohio from Wisconsin?
So...the next time you walk into a Walmart to buy something, remember that your tax dollars are subsidizing their enormous profits. The Walton family is the richest family in America, but about half of all the Walmart workers get thousands of dollars per worker per year of our taxes to make it so.
BTW -- In a stagnant economy Walmart NEVER CREATES JOBS. Walmart TRADES jobs. Competing businesses close, and those workers go to Walmart and work for less remuneration in almost every case. Around the time Walmart moved into the Toledo area, Foodtowns closed, K-Marts closed, and other small businesses closed. Walmart is into the job TRADING business, NOT the job creating business!

If Walmart is in the right wing news doing good things for their employees suspect propaganda.

computer glitch.

computer glitch.

No matter what Obama Care offers many of the posters on this site will say a non-profit, walk in clinic is better than Obama Care just because it's sponsored by Obama.

Phoney Oprah snubbed at the Oscars! Finally the dizzy, giddy fools in La La land have seen through the veneer of this hateful racist and have refused her further promotion of bigotry and hatred. Back of the bus bitch.

I'm willing to bet a case of beer that Oprah doesn't give a damn about what you think, Checktherecord.

a person of color to the, "Back of the bus?" Do you deny this to be a racist statement? Are you an admitted racist, or are you an Archie Bunker-type who likes the people of color he knows, but thinks other people of color are somehow inferior and/or scary?

I am old enough to know people who were ordered to the, "Back of the bus," when that was the law in every southern state, and to defy it, meant being arrested and going to jail. When was the last time Oprah placed anyone behind bars because of her alleged racism?

Dale your piety is overshadowed by your presumed superiority. From a bio of Carrol O"Conner the actor who PLAYED Archie on TV.

O'Connor's own politics were liberal. He understood the Bunker character and played him not only with bombast and humor but with touches of vulnerability. The writing on the show was consistently left of center, but O'Connor often deftly skewered the liberal pieties of the day. Although Bunker was famous for his malapropisms of the English language, O'Connor was highly educated and cultured and was an English professor before he turned to acting.

I wonder what he felt when he reheard the phrase "No Irish need apply."
Promotion of racial equality by stating death to older white Americans is a huge no-no. There can be no claim of mis-quote, or mistake made by a woman who amassed $2.7B from the communication business. The message was direct, specific and belongs in the back of the bus.

I referred to the character, Archie Bunker, NOT to the actor who portrayed him. I have known many Archie Bunker types. Because of your "back of the bus" statement, I wanted to know if you fit this type of person, or if you are openly, honestly bigoted. As far as I know, Carrol O'Connor was neither.
Thank you for adding your example of, "No Irish Need Apply." It is an excellent illustration of bigotry based upon something else other than race. Prejudice, in all of its forms, is both anti-American and always wrong.

Your explanation of your racist reference rings hollow.

I'm willing to double the bet that she doesn't care what Anyone thinks but herself.

I agree. It's her perrogative. For the SB folks who disagee, please consult the First Amendment.

"Negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board and then struts around like it won the game."

Vladimir Putin-2013

IMHO -- The fact that a lowlife like Putin says something negative about anyone, enhances that person's reputation. What if Putin would say bad things about George W. Bush? Isn't that something that W would claim as proof of his successes opposing that evil Russian's ambitions?
Will you next quote Kim Jong-Un and his opinion of Obama? By the way, Obama can never run for POTUS again. Are you still fighting the election of 2012? Here's some news for you...it's over. Obama won.
BTW -- When, exactly can I expect those Federal officials to go to my daughter and son-in-law's home and confiscate all of his weapons. Isn't that what right-wing ideologues said would happen if Obama were re-elected? How about his father's guns? I'd like to see a list of all of the law-abiding citizens who have had their guns confiscated by Federal officials since Obama was re-elected. There is no such list? B-b-b-but there must be! Right wing ideologues said that would happen. And they would NEVER lie, would they?

"Negotiating with Obama is
"Negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board and then struts around like it won the game."
Vladimir Putin-2013

Bravo!! !!!!! on that statement and just as he does the opposite of everything he tells the American people...Oh! and lets not forget that he (Obama) SAID he will not wait on Congress to do anything because he has a PHONE and a PEN, now that's legal isn't it. In other words I will fulfill my legacy and political agenda before I leave office....by all means possible..

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Hook line and sinker when presented with cold reality liberals change the topic, jump up and down, demonstrating their arrested development. The last election Romney was painted as the rich guys out to screw the middle class. Romney's net worth $250 million, Ophra's net worth $2.7Billion, George Soros by now anybodies guess $15-$20Billion. What falsity. The country has been played. The entire past Barry's performance has been one wooden nickel after another. He was on the Harvard Review yet never wrote a single paper. Figure that. You brought up Kim Jong-Un so ok fine. Rodman goes there with his band of b-ball players and was never paid. Funny that He comes back and goes into re-hab. N. Korea is one of the few restricted countries by the State Dept. Barry could have stopped that farce anytime and did not. International embarrassment again, just like Syria and the red line he never had. Let's hand it to him he has thick skin and doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks of him. Please defend his recent statements regarding pot and booze. I need a laugh. You must have been on ganja yourself to have missed all the ammunition was bought up by HSD and the last lead smelting plant in the country just closed with no new permits being issued. That means all future ammunition will come from overseas - China. When Barry can't get it done under the time proven division of separation of powers he's slick enough to find a greasy way. Won't upset the liberals their all stoners anyway.

A boy says to his dad, "Why do they say gardeners have
green thumbs when their thumbs aren't really green?”

The dad replies, "It's just a saying, son. It's like when
someone is caught stealing something, they say that
they've been caught ‘red-handed’, even though their
hands are actually black."

Tacky, tacky, tacky. Well, we better say that Blacks steal petty stuff. Euro's steal land, bank accounts, and kill anyone who isn't a Euro for no reason.

Did you look at my map I posted?


Fair enough. Looks like we can agree on one point. Best solution for all thieves is a tall branch and a short rope.

Let's start with all the bankers and take it from there, how's that sound?

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