zeyadcharles' New Year's Resolutions

1. I promise not to listen to anyone who says Fredtheentertainer is a fat, sloppy, four sandwich eating globe headed dog.

2. I will acknowledge that Guestzero's IQ may be greater than zero.

3. I will acknowledge that MikeyA may not be a member of the Boy Scouts of America.

4. I will not entertain any romantic intentions from Farmergal no matter how hard she tries.

5. I will not listen to anyone who insists Billy can't read.

Happy New Year to all.

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Finally, an assertion about me that's true.

No I have never been in the Boy Scouts. I was briefly (1 year) in the Cub Scouts but I did not remain a member.

I don't know how that is a new year's resolution though. You resolved to acknowledge something not about yourself?

I think you have a hard time understanding what a resolution is.


A little slow, MikeyA. Took you a long time to respond.

If you check my posting history you'll see I haven't been on in a few days.

The family and I went out of town for the New Year. Didn't know there was a time limit to responses.


Your lack of self esteem is a monument to your paranoia.

How have I displayed either?

Feel free to quote me on both accounts.


Dr. Johanson of the Johanson Center is ready to help you when you want to cure yourself.

I'm going to contact my representatives, and urge they vote for the construction of vast numbers of new prisons and reformatories. It's time for the mollycoddling of criminals to stop.

Jobs and opportunities will reduce criminal activity. Prisons are not the answer. More prisons and reformatories is just another way to reinstate slavery.

I have a New Year's resolution.

1. I don't like various cheeses!

Since we're calling things resolutions that aren't resolutions I figured I'd jump in with something completely random.


You need to go to the deli and get some cheese with your whine.

ZC please read this slowly so you can comprehend it.

Your post is inaccurate because I wasn't whining I was joining in.

Second, why would I buy cheese? My new year's resolution is I hate cheese.

Maybe your problem is English is your second language. Most libraries have literacy programs where they help people who are learning to read English that you could sign up for.




Best comment you have ever made.

I resolve to no longer go to the zoo and laugh at the monkeys when they screech and throw poo. I need to remember that they screech because they cannot converse intelligently, and they throw poo because poo is all they have to throw.

In retrospect, its rather sad and not that funny after all. Best to just ignore the noise. Their aim is poor, so anything they fling will end up going wild, so no one is in any danger.

Their keepers will see that they are sheltered, fed and watered, and the Levy's from our tax will go toward that end.

Maybe I can brush up on my French and Spanish also.

I love it when a plan comes together.

1) I will not agree with anyone that says Fredtheentertainer is a good talk show host.

2) I will not dispute statements that Handbannana should be referred to as Hand Gherkin.

3) I will provide information to Farmergal, if she wishes to have it, the location of cleaning agents at local pharmacies.

4) I will acknowledge that toy companies may not use MikeyA as the model for military action figures.

5) I will acknowledge God is the color of the mixture of all the colors of the light spectrum.

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