Toledo Democrats endorse candidate for city council who comes from a law-breaking organization

So the Lucas County Democrat Party is endorsing Matt Cherry for the City Council spot vacated by incoming mayor Michael Collins. Cherry is a business representative for the Sheet Metal Workers Local 33. You remember that stellar organization--don't you?

That's the group whose members were caught stealing Romney campaign signs from private property and businesses in Lucas and Wood Counties. One can't say that these lawbreakers weren't prepared. When the Perrysburg police caught them, along with the stolen goods they found drills and other tools they used to steal 4 feet by 8 feet signs.

Two of the four men arrested held administrative positions in Local 33. Corey Beaubien is the Marketing Representative (ironic) and Chris Monaghan is a fellow business representative of Cherry. Not only does Monaghan remain in his position, it appears that Beaubien was promoted to his position after his arrest!

How silly of us to think that the local Democrat Party might want to steer clear of choosing someone from an organization that not only encouraged stealing signs as a campaign tactic, but even when the members were caught with the "goods," didn't subsequently remove them from administrative positions. Pretty much explains what fine lineage Cherry comes from and proves that the Lucas County Democrat Party is rewarding Local 33 for its--ahem--fine work during the 2012 campaign.

Collins would make Mayor Daley of Chicago proud.

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Mike Bell was a firefighter and a union member. Many firefighters have been arrested and convicted for illegal acts. Mike Collins was a police officer and a union leader. Many police officers have been arrested and convicted for illegal acts. So, if one is a member of any organization which has members who are arrested and convicted for criminal activity, that person should be banned from any governmental position? Talk about guilt by association!
SP -- Would you like to list any organizations of which you are a member? You don't? Why not? Afraid of unfair judgments by others?

Perhaps I can assist you with discovering the point of my post.

As you appear to be comfortable with analogies, let's suppose you were responsible for selecting the "Outstanding Manager of the Year" award recipient. You decide to choose a person from a company that had several employees arrested for giving illegal kickbacks to customers. Out of all of the organizations in town, you decide to select someone from that company. Then it becomes public that you somehow benefitted from the illegal actions of these businessmen. Considering the obvious quid pro quo suspicions, wouldn't it be wise for you to select someone else?

Without evidence that Cherry is singularly the best candidate and considering from whence he comes, wouldn't it be wise for the Lucas County Democrats to pick someone else?

Actually, the guy's behavior implies a scofflaw nature that is incompatible with public service.

I could draw you a diagram and use smaller words if you're having so much obvious trouble with understanding that.

First of all, the appointment is a somewhat dubious honor. As a Democrat, he has a steep, uphill battle in that district. The wisdom or foolishness of the appointment will be shown in the next few months. If Matt does well, it will not only justify his appointment, it may give him a chance to win the special election and keep the seat. If Matt turns out to be an embarrassment, not only will he lose the seat in the special election, it would reflect poorly upon the local Democratic Party looking toward other endorsements.
Finally, just because the party endorses Matt, that does not mean he will get the necessary votes when Toledo City Council meets. There have been some notable times when disgruntled Dems have united with Republicans on council to vote differently than the Democratic Party wanted.

All levels of government have some people who are associated with organizations that have broken the law. Has this particular individual broken the law? I used to work for a Company who got fined numererous times for breaking the law. The latest fine was for over 10 Million dollars for breaking Federal laws and breaking laws in 26 states. I quess that means that all 10,000 employees are criminals. It must be tough being a janitor there knowing you might be thrown in jail for something you have nothing to do with.

The definitive distinction in your example is--were the 10,000 employees to whom you refer in decision-making roles? Cherry is and as noted in my post, not only have the criminals remained in their administrative positions within the organization, but one was promoted after the arrests. There's something very wrong with Local 33 and apparently Cherry is just fine with that.

Would not want to be on a high school debate team with any of you guys. In May that district will decide who and what they want. Until then the roads are going to hell faster than ever before tearing up tires, wheels, suspensions and they were just paved in the election year by the outgoing administration. How about making that the point of interest rather than some guy nobody knows yet.

Performance is what counts. Why are roads paved within a year deteriorating already? Isn't part of financial management being sure that each fund has enough money in it to do the jobs that the public has every right to expect will be done? Remember, the outgoing mayor and city council, which includes the incoming mayor, made the decisions to take money from the capital improvements fund and place it in the general fund. Then, the mayor bragged about how he was able to "balance" the general fund, as though he was some kind of financial wizard! We used to call this, "Robbing Peter to pay Paul."

I think the reason that newly paved roads have to be repaved in such a short time is union related. First, you can't fire a poor-performing employee (hence, inferior work goes unpunished). Second, unions require a continuous influx of money into their coffers to pay for their bosses' incomes, travel, etc.--thus, poor paving work translates into future work and that means the collection of more dues. Last, and certainly not least, anything the government oversees is bound to be inferior.

The work is done by the private sector. The government's responsibility is to set better contracts, (as I previously stated), but private companies should take as much pride in the work they do for the government as they do for other private sector companies; such as, paving parking lots and private drives.
Human beings work for government. Human beings work for private sector companies. Human frailties exist in both the private and public sectors.

BTW -- Isn't it time to stop beating the "dead horse" of unionism in this country? Are you aware that the United States has among the lowest rates of union membership in the industrialized world? Do you know that, as of 2012, only about one in 15 private sector workers is in a union? Only about 1/3 of public employees are in unions. We cannot continue to blame unions when about 8 out of every 9 workers do NOT belong to a union.
BTW -- Union membership was about double the current percentage back in 1983. If unions are the problem, and union membership is way down, why isn't our country better off now than we were in 1983?

How about $61MILLION in bonds issued payable long into the future for the substandard work and contracts that have not even lasted 6 months? Who won out on that arrangement?

Government gets blamed, but the primary responsibility lies with private sector companies who would probably do a good job for their corporate clients, even for individuals, but see government as this amorphous, unfeeling cash cow that does not need to be pleased with the work done.
Human beings are imperfect. Too many human beings pray to the golden idol! Whether those humans work for the public sector or the private sector is inconsequential. If we want the work done properly, we must be ever vigilant. That includes governmental entities that should say flat-out to contractors who do a poor job something like, "Make it right FOR FREE, or you cannot apply for another contract from us for 5 years!" That would get their attention!
My wife and I recently had a problem with a private company. We paid half of the bill, and didn't pay the other half until their insurance company paid us for our claim. Why can't government do something like that?

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