A fight at the Board of Elections over Vacation time turns into a Hockey Game

From the department of who gives a crap any more comes this from our friendly local Lucas County Board of Elections

It was supposed to be an open and shut case of approving what had always been done in the past. A half day off with pay for Christmas and New Years for all the Board Employees.

Not so simple when you're a Scrooge in Charge of the local Republi-can'ts.

I'm almost sorry I missed the drama, but then again it's Christmas week!


It would be fun in the future to see all four of the Board Members suit up for a half rink hockey game and watch Ron Rothenbuhler, John Irish and Tony DeGidio gang up up as they usually do and beat the crap out of Jon Stainbrook in an ice match. Some could argue it might be worth it more than going to Ann Arbor for the National Hockey League's 2013 Winter Classic at the big house.

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I NEVER agree with Stainbrook, but do on this one. Many of us work at places where you don't get off on "the Eves." UT, one of the largest employers in Toledo, doesn't give its employees a day off on New Year's Eve.

Public servants shouldn't have better deals than the people who are paying for them.

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