Our New City Administrtors Announced

The key members appointed are listed below:

Chief of Staff - Robert Reinbolt
Assistant Chief of Staff - Joel Mazur
Executive Assistant/PIO - Lisa Ward
Department of Finance - George Sarantou
Department of Inspection - Chris Zervos

Department of Business Development – Matt Sapara
Fire & Rescue - Luis Santiago
Department of Law - Adam Loukx
Department of Neighborhoods - Tom Kroma
Police Department - William Moton
Department of Public Service - William Franklin
Department of Public Utilities - Robin Whitney
Health Department - Dr. David Grossman
Plan Commission - Tom Lemon

Will Jack Daniels Vending Machines Be Available On Each Floor?

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The appointment of Reinbolt doesn't fill me with enthusiasm. I'm sure you can guess why.

Lt William Moton will be Chief? An interesting step-up promotion.

It could be Affitmative Action. It could be he's qualified. His history of many successful years as a police officer may have had some weight on the selection, ya think?

Moton certainly has longevity, but I'm not sure his skills acquired from years as a detective translate well for the top administrative position. But perhaps I'm wrong and his duties included overall administration within that bureau. The one that surprises me is the Sarantou appointment. Nothing against George, but Clarence Coleman is well qualified and steered the Ship of Finance when McLean was off the job. I don't know if a financial adviser working with individual investors has all the talents needed to keep watch over the cash flow for a corporation the size of Toledo.

Patience is a great virtue.

I'm actually a big fan of Sarantu. I hope he does well.

Quick question. Is Lisa Ward the same as Lisa Renee Ward, former SB poster and creator/moderator of the old Glass City Jungle?


I think it's the same person.

That's good.

Lisa is very thorough and will give good advice. She's not afraid to tell Dems when she thinks they're wrong or right. I would easily put my trust in her.


Yes, it was confirmed on WSPD this afternoon. Yes, that WSPD that the bleeding butthole liberals love to hate.

I like what I see so far.

Not keeping Ed Moore was a mistake. He did a great job and he is great to work with.

Can someone tell me why almost all of our city leaders are male? Can't believe we don't have some very able females. The glass ceiling in the Glass City??

Toledo is one of the most gender and raciallly bias cities in America. That'swhy.

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