"Most Dangerous Woman in America" (couldn't have said it better)

(or "Obama's brain"):


Ordinarily I wouldn't have posted this. It takes too long, ordinarily, to explain who and what Jarrett is. But in the above-linked article, Dave Hodges, as usual, hits it out of the ballpark. He gives readers the history trail on this Marxist. And supplies a REALLY interesting quote by Bill Ayers to the FBI. According to Ayers, we who are NOT among the sheeple will be either "re-educated" or murdered.

You know, ya can't make this stuff up, ya just can't. But for anyone interested in who we actually now have "running things" in the White House, and their truthful history, read the article. It will blow the average patriot away.

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when his handler, Jarrett isn't there to control him:


Farmergal, what are you snortting?

Its spelled snorting..

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

You obviously missed the point. Next you'll be asking for term papers llke MikeyA does.

Actually ZC I don't correct most spelling or grammer mistakes on here. The internet is informal language. Only when it distracts from the meaning will I say something. Or if the offender has rudely corrected others in the past.

If it's intent and meaning are understood I don't have a problem with easily overlooked mistakes. Grammar "rules" are not actually rules and words can have multiple meanings and spellings. Our language is a river that flows and evolves. Theorys, beliefs and ideas remain constant once publicly posted/stated.

But I do thank you for acknowledging my high standards. I appreciate the complement.


Actually MikeyA it's 'compliment' not 'complement' and 'grammar' not 'grammer', remind me again about those high standards............

Maybe you should reread my post. I could careless about the proper spelling of words on the internet. Again it's informal speak. Misspellings are accepted because writing on the internet are perceived as the same as the spoken word (again informal). The important thing is that message is understood. That's also why abbreviations like "r" "u" "omg" are accepted and have spilled over into the social lexicon. Did my misspellings lend any confusion to my post?

So let's talk about your motivations. You created an account just to correct me. Am I to believe you are a longtime reader who was annoyed so much they created an account to correct me and make no other posts? There are plenty of misspellings on SB daily. Yet it was mine (and mine are frequent) in this post that sent you over the edge? I'm sorry I'm not buying it. You're clearly a sock puppet. Why not just challenge me with your normal screen name? Why the drive-by tactics? Are you tired of being schooled by me routinely that you decided to deflect attention from yourself that you felt the need to create a new account because you couldn't forthrightly face my criticism? I must be doing a good job at it.

So I'll now thank you for the complement. Spelling mistake intentional that time. Number of fucks given by me has a zero in the denominator.


I have no other name. And, you can stop being so paranoid. Your're not that important.

Well ZC you responded to my response to "wikijoe".

Wikijoe is the sock puppet. Unless you are wikijoe. Are you?


Keep taking the meds MikeyA.

You don't have high standards. If anything your standards are very poor and warped. You expect other people to do the work for you.

And they are so high it has inclined you to include me in a discussion of which I was not a part.

Does it bother you that I am in your head? You must mention me where I am not involved. Don't be mad bro?


Don't feel special. I include almost everyone from time to time.

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