Zimmerman's Girlfrand recants statement


George Zimmerman, who faces aggravated felony assault charges for brandishing a weapon in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend, will now most likely not be charged.

The reason is the complaintant, Zimmerman's girlfriend, has recanted her initial statement to police and said that Zimmerman did not have a weapon. It is now being reported that Police at the time did not find a firearm on Zimmerman's person.

As I noted in an earlier thread, http://swampbubbles.com/20131119/zimmerman-arrested-again, this is a domestic matter and the final report is changing as I predicted.

I must be psychic.

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Off course she dropped the charges. She knows he would kill her when he got out of jail in six months.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

How would he do that? If convicted of a felony he would no longer be able to have a firearm.

Remember it was you who stated he should be denied Due Process and not allowed to have weapons... all this before a trial of his peers.


Are you some kind of idiot. Being convicted of a felony does not keep anyone from having a firearm.

Yes, he is an idiot! And a punk :)

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

ZC you must be the idiot. Ch. 44 of Title 18 of US Code prevents convicted felons from owning firearms or ammunition. Likewise, anyone convicted of domestic violence cannot possess a firearm (Lautenburg Amendment).


It prevents felons from legally owning firearms. Repeat felons commit felonies with illegal firearms all the time.

Context matters ZC.

The context of this is you and DH both implied in the last thread that George Zimmerman needs to have his legally owned firearms taken away. DH much moreso than you but nonetheless that action without the right of Due Process would be a violation of Zimmerman's civil rights.

GZ is not a felon or a repeat felon so the example you just made is contrary to the context of this conversation.


It doesn't matter that Zimmerman stalked and killed an unarmed teenager violating the teenagers civil rights. Zimmerman was found not guilty, but he's not innocent. Continue to let Zimmerman carry a gun. How many people does he have to kill before everybody gets the message?

Well now that you're back in context let me respond.

"Zimmerman was found not guilty, but he's not innocent." Doesn't matter. He still retains his 4th Amendment and 5th Amendment rights.

"How many people does he have to kill before everybody gets the message?" I would say one since in the case we are currently discussing he didn't kill anyone and by the complaint's own admission he didn't even have a firearm.

Thank you for supporting my earlier point which is that you wanted to deny the man his civil rights.


Are you saying he didn't kill Martin? He admitted he did. Your intelligence barely exceeds that of a baboon.

Reread my post. I referred to this specific case that he didn't kill anyone his girlfriend was never harmed. When you asked how many did he have to kill before people get the message my answer was apparently one, the one being Martin.

My intelligence is just fine. Your comprehension was off.


Don't try to cleanup your idiotic rants. Everyone already knows your are indeed the poster child for idiots.

ZC my posts are out there for all to see. I clarified it for you. If your reading comprehension is lacking then I'd suggest a remedial literacy course at the library.

Just stop acting like I posted something different than what I clearly did.


Prediction: Zimmerman will get jailed for a felony and guards wlill send him back to his family in a pine box.

Prediction: He will be found not guilty. Make that, not guilty AGAIN! He needs to be on the street, his work isn't finished. More auto accidents he needs to help out with.

There are women who lie all the time to get the legal system to go after their mates.

It's a common thing and this news item doesn't surprise me.

I fault the legal system for two things:

1. Pursuing these false charges with undue vigor.

2. Not punishing the liars.

"I am not afraid of George in any manner and I want to be with him," Scheibe wrote.(from her recanting pressing charges) Well this validates a couple of you blather mouths just as a woman is put in charge of GM. They did that at Hewlett Packard with Carly Fiorina baby and look where it took em. Next let's put a woman in the WH and complete the fall of western civilization. Oh baby, baby, baby I want a do-over.

Sadly enough, there will probably be a world class liar nominated by the democrats' party in the next general election. In fact, for each vote cast, there will be TWO world class liars sneaking back in the WH.

In this thread I've been called an idiot several times.

The first was when I posted that "If convicted of a felony he would no longer be able to have a firearm." I was told I was an idiot and wrong. To which I quoted the chapter and section of US code that supports what I said. The return reponse was not applicable to the thread.

Next I answered said posters comments where he asked a question. I answered with a direct answer " I would say one since in the case we are currently discussing he didn't kill anyone..." I was accused of being an idiot and my answer was ignored. I pointed this out and was then told "Don't try to cleanup your idiotic rants.". Still ignoring that I actually answered the question that was posed.

My question to the rest of the posters is this: How long will people with partisan minds continue to live in delusion and prevent civil discourse? How long are we willing to tolerate it?


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