How To Stop Minorities And Women From Playing The Race And Gender Card

A recent survey shows that women and minorities who are treated fairly are less likely to play the race and gender bias card when discrimination is eliminated and they are treated fairly. What a novel concept. Maybe it's time that the people who engage in oppressive behavior improve their behavior.

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Maybe it's time for all adults to begin behaving like mature, responsible people instead of slick, self-promoting behavior then there would be no need to "stop" - "playing" cards period. Learn to become a straight shooter. Learn that there is no free lunch. Learn that we are all in this together. No one's day has come. There will be no we shall overcome. One nation under God, Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all.

You fell for the bait. Instead of improving your behavior you are blaming the victims. This behavior of yours is Un-American and your shame is noted.

Playing the race card makes everyone else the victims.

You keep falling for our own traps, but it's so easy to trap you that it's really getting sad to hear those jaws snapping shut so often. Look at a standard thread you post in, Zey. Snap, snap, snap. It's a bloodbath and you're really too stupid (i.e. Liberal) to notice.

Oppressive behavior like zayedcharles continually raping the indians of their land.


Like Ronnie used to say, "there you go again..." Seems to be too many smoking peace pipes on this blog.

When Conservatives Branded Nelson Mandela A Terrorist

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.

The best way to handle whining, carping complainers--is to beat them at their own game. Piss on peace pipes, and paying attention to those who spend all day, every day, talking "off the top of their head".

Those who approach life with their palms up have no shame. Gimme gimme gimme. The work that you did, the sacrifices you made, the things which you have built should all become mine cuz I say so. Guess again cousin.

Sounds like the philosopy of the KKK.

Then I would say you have a severe lack of understanding of the KKK. Their philosophy was much more simplistic and brutal.


I understand the KKK perfectly. They boast they are a Christian organization who commits acts of terror against anyone they don't like.

The problem is nothing CheckTheRecord posting was anything close to the stated or implied philosophy of the KKK. You just didn't like what he said and wanted to paint him as wrong by comparing him to a hate group.

To prove it you have yet to dispute anything of what he actually posted.


Here's a novel idea--why don't we have the same expectations for all groups and not give special considerations.

I agree, but, the problem is that if you are a minority or a woman in this culture the expectations are twice as much and half the rewards. This concept have been demonstrated repeatedly and continues to be the mind set.

No the problem is you ignore the ethnic groups responsibility to uphold their end of using equality to the fullest.

I will give you two examples.

My counterpart at work is an excellent officer, a fellow captain. He's black. He's originally from South Georgia, a poor and low education area, yet he has excelled. I have a young Marine who is from almost identical circumstances, in fact he comes from North Florida near the Capt's hometown. I suggested to the Capt that he might be a better mentor than I because of their similarities. He disagreed. He feared he'd be "too tough" on the young Marine. He gave me an example of how he gets angry at black Marines who cannot swim because he feels they perpetuate the stereotype. I told him I didn't think he'd be "too tough" and that Marines have high standards. I feel the Captain is doing well by his ethnic group by upholding high standards and trying to break down negative stereotypes. I have a lot of respect for him.

The second example. You claim "minorities" have a harder time succeeding. Are asians not minorities? The negative stereotypes on asians are nothing that prevents them from being successful in society. We've been in two very major wars with asian countries, if the "Euros" as you say are so against minorities then asians would be the natural target as we've had more conflicts with asians than any other ethnic group. Instead they've found success and acceptance.


Do you think the small number of minorities and women who succeed acqluits the oppressors. I think not.

LOL, Mikey is a captain now. Next he'll be a general. Two months ago he was a Sargent.
Keep posting, your hilarious.
PS: At least your not posting those vile pictures anymore as Bushblows. Too much heat from Bain/CC huh?

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

I WAS a Sgt in 2006.

That was about the time I started posting on here. You can check my posting history.

What I am not is a sock puppet pretending to be a woman while frequently posting as another name on here as well.


What you are is a punk pretending to be a man who works for Bain/CC as a assistant to divorcee FredTheHead.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

No I'm not.

I do not work for Bain, Clear Channel, or WSPD. I am not Fred's Assistant. I have only met Fred face to face once in my life.

So I can't be pretending to be something that I literally saying I am not.


What you are is a punk pretending to be a man who works for Bain/CC as a assistant to divorcee FredTheHead.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Seconded. I believe the concept is Equal Protection under the Law

You can expect all groups to succeed equally in one hand, and shit in the other hand, and tell us which hand will fill up first.

If you're drunk, and I cut you off and tell you to get out and you pull the race card and I get pissed off and you say you're in this country legally (at least I think that's what you said) and I'll wait for the cops, who is wrong in this situation? Did I discriminate? Or should I serve everyone who drinks Busch equally?

Of course you discriminated, according to Chuck and PuppyQueef. It's just sad that we live in a nation that everyone plays the race card any chance they get. Amazing how the most discriminated class (White Males) whines the least about it.

White males discriminated against? White males have enjoyed affirmative action for hundreds of years in this country._

And did so by the sweat of their brow Not governm fiat. Belly ache all you want all pigs are not created equal.

Of course you didn't discriminate. It's not your fault if some minorities cannot hold their liquor.

have enjoyed and prospered from White Privilege since they first landed on Plymouth Rock. The "Founding Fathers were able to sit around, talk politics, smoke cigars and drink whiskey and rye because the slaves did ALL of the work....building, cooking, cleaning, picking cotton, planting. Even their wives did not have to take care of their own children because the slaves did it, up to and including nursing the white babies from the female slaves black breast. They didn't even play with own children, instead they would buy a black slave child to be a companion to their own children.....white privilege still exists.

Purnhrt, you have made all sane people's day. Keep telling it like it was and still is. Affirmative Action for White men is alive and well in America. But now, they want to deny history or say their treatment of women and minorities doesn't count. Their position is so extreme they will distort history.

Ole man river... that ole man river... ah'm so tired of mendacity.

As the Native Americans say, "Wlhite man speaks with forked tongue". Denial, denial, denial.

Wlhite man have fire water. You want you some? Or from the dialogue in the movie Godfather when discussing illegal narcotics trafficking "Just leave it with all the darkies, their all animals anyway." Do Not understand a President who claims this to be his favorite movie and then relaxes, excuses illegal drug enslavement of people who require help the most. Damn what wisdom.

What a totally absurd view of American history. According to you, White men and women did no work. You've just outed yourself as the most ignorant person on this message board.

That idiot is saying We landed at Plymouth Rock, lit up our Camels, and sat on our asses until a hundred years later when slaves came to the South(not Plymouth Rock).

There were slaves in the North, you imbecile. As a matter of fact one of the people punished during the Salem Witch hunt was a female African slave. Read your history. Slavery was established in the Northern Colonies first.

Irony. The vast majority of labor performed in the United States was performed by WHITES.

Since many of those Whites were poor or working-class, they are beneath the notice of you and other Liberals.

Why do you Liberals still wonder why you're so hated today?

You are so correct, Guestzero. Even The Whitehouse and the Capital Building were built by white men with very dark tans. Their tans were so dark that the historians thought they were Black Men.

There's two kinds of people in the world, those who have guns, and those who dig. Just ask Tuco!

Naw there's ten kinds of people in the world. Those who understand binary and those who don't.

I don't read history, I write it.

Now that the White House has been discussed, we need to set people to work building a series of state-of-the-art prisons.

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