Some thoughts about those electric car rechargers downtown

Prompted by a friend, I went online and also downtown to investigate these things. There are 3 stations installed on N Superior St across from First Merit Bank.

The article claims charge cost is included in the parking fee. (Each station also has a parking meter.) But the parking fee advertised at the meter is the same as every other meter: $1/hr.

So does this mean people are recharging their cars there for free? Parking cost is a constant.

I figured the following for an owner of a GM Volt. The Volt has as 16 kWh (kilowatt-hour) battery pack, but it won't discharge below a certain point, hence it can only be recharged using 10 to 11 kWh. Call it 10.5. I assume the charger delivers 'commerical' power, hence 240VAC, at commerical rates, which seems to be 6 cents per kWh.

At 240VAC an expended GM Volt can totally recharge in 2-3 hr, per GM's claims. Call it 2.5 hr. The meter claims there's a 2hr limit to park there, so that's conceivable (80% to 100% of a full charge). Hence that's 10.5 x 6 x (.8 to .1) = 50 to 63 cents of free energy.

Is the charging 'fee' (zero) correct? Or does the price of your parking meter adjust if you plug your car into the charging station?

How are we justifying the $2400 expense of a charging station, also?

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The big question is--was there a long line at the recharging station?

Hah! Good one. No, I've never seen anyone plugged in. But I have seen people at least parked in those spaces. Does that count? More LOLs.

That particular stretch of street is a dead zone. A friend calls it "Murderer's Row". Some guy went down that street in the past month or so, wantonly breaking doors and windows. I love how they kept all the business signs up, as if there's anything actually open on that street. Instead of North Superior Street, they should call it Tombstone Street.

Where are all these electric-car and hybrid-car users who were gushing over these recharging stations in The Blade?

I imagine they'll install a few more when they do that next boondoggle, the TARTA center or something, on the next block north.

"In announcing billions in subsidies, President Obama hoped the U.S. would be the first nation to drive a million electric cars by 2015"

Couple that story with this one and WaLa!

Then there is this story which makes the first two stories null & void.

In which case the homeless can use them to plug in their "free" electric heaters.

At least I'm smug in the knowledge that if vouchers for electrics and hybirds where handed out in quantity, the average price of them would suddenly rise by 25% to 50%.

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