Mayor Elect Collins And Double Dippers

Rumors have surfaced that Mayor Elect Collins will not allow Double Dippers in his Administration. He has been a big critic of Double Dipping as a councilman. Since his election team and transition team are full of potential Double Dippers will he change his mind?

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The mayor elect had a good number of people with experience and expertise in order to have the widest selection possible for his new administration. Let's give the man some room. It's the nature of today that you just cannot please everyone with every choice. Let's wait and see how things develop before judging.

I'm not judging anything yet. I'm simply asking a question. Will he change is mind? We shall see.

Collins is a double dipper himself!

I would wager that he doesn't see himself as a double dipper.

Collins is the definition of a double-dipper. He gets a government retirement check and has a current government job.

A man with residual energy might just be remembering words from Robert Kennedy's brothers' eulogy, "My brother saw wrongs and tried to right them."

Mariner, why have you lowered yourself to post here on SB all of sudden? Your usually spewing your intellectual wit over at Toledo Talk, that site run by the birdwatcher fag JR.
Is it because that Kwame Bell's girlfriend, Justread has been slapping you around over there and making you look like an ass? Why don't you stand up to him? ARE you scared of getting banned? Is JR loving Justread too? Try to be a man! LOL

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Donna have had an account here for 4yrs and 42m without a demerit. Justread and I still share an occasional demitasse. (giggle giggle blush blush) As far as trying to be a man have never had to. When you are one there is no trying involved.

Mariner, speaking of Toledo Talk and being your one of the main suck asses there, is JR the birdwatching faggot and Justread (Kawmi's ball licker), both faggots or are they the same person? Is the main reason you suck their or his dick, is because your scared they will throw you off the site? (giggle giggle).

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

I can attest to JR's selective free speech. Was a longtime TT member but a certain rightwing local radio host complained (through E-mails to the administrator) and had me deactivated. I think this is standard practice over there. This same radio host tried the same stunt here on SB but Chris stood his ground after several testy back and forth E-mails. Thanks Chris! Looks like ClearChannel stopped the rogue radio host from partaking in any more of his juvenile hijinks on the blogs. I think the negative road he was traveling was too fraught with liability for the company and they had no control of what was being said thus affecting the bottom line of the local radio station. Anyway we don't see Fredricktheentertainer posting here anymore. Kind of sad but he did it to himself.
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Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.

Hey Fred,

Did you see this post by anonymous Paul?

Apparently you weren't posting because you were made that your "emails" to Chris went unloved.


Yeah I loved the speculation about CC "making" me leave because they were worried. This is my favorite quote "stopped the rogue radio host from partaking in any more of his juvenile hijinks on the blogs. I think the negative road he was traveling was too fraught with liability for the company ".......priceless. As for Chris, I'm sure if he felt it were necessary to comment on it he would. Not sure how anyone would know of "several testy back and forth E-mails" but if speculation and bullshit were currency the poster would certainly be a rich man.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

Some community leaders are speculating the next Administration will destroy equal opportunity. I think the concept will be enhanced because Collins has picked Carty and Ford as part of his transition team

As if you had any standing whatsoever for judging what "equal opportunity" is.

"Equal Opportunity" means someone is getting special consideration based on race or gender--not on ability.

Those are the words of an Oppressor.

Says the guy who refuses to give up his land to the Indians.


Indians already own my land.

Are you claiming to be an indian now?



30% . Just think, I can open up a casino on my property if I desire.

How do you figure 30%? That's an odd percentage for claimed heredity especially since your ancestors came from Germany and Scotland.

Also if you were familiar with Indian law you'd know that 30% would only qualify you for membership in an Indian Nation if that nation considered you a member per the nations constitution. Each nation determines it's own eligibility and not all of it is always based upon % of lineage.

Likewise to open a casino you'd need your nation to have a recognized treaty or be a recognized tribe with the US government. Then you must petition the Federal gov't for your land to be determined to be "sovereign". In all likelihood they would not declare it sovereign and instead give you a portion of BLM land in the area where your tribe was originally located.

It's doubtful that if you are a member of the Ottawa or Miami Indian tribes. They would be the only ones with legitimate claim to any land in NW Ohio. So no, you can't open your own casino.


I did some investigating a while ago and found that there are no allodial titles in Ohio. While investigating that topic, I discovered that Indian tribes occasionally file for regaining land in Ohio, and the courts turn them down.

There's only one reason these tribes file these suits: They want to open casinos in Ohio to capture our allegedly hopping gambling market. I can't see any sincere attempt there to regain land for cultural reasons. The only culture being served here is the culture of money.

All the "Indian land grants" in Ohio have been legally rescinded, usually by the method of replacing surrendered land with parcels. Zey is probably referring to one of these. There are a lot of them; here's an interesting list, to see if you're sitting on one right now:

Sadly for Zey, these are just historical curioisities. Legally they have no meaning today.

Another interesting fact about Ohio is it's one of the few states with many survey baselines and meridians. Our state looks like a jigsaw puzzle in the survey sense since the nation was changing over from one survey methodology to another at the time. It's a mess. Look at the map of land grants. You'll notice a "12 mi sq." right over the southern mass of Toledo and Perrysburg. That entire survey zone was carved out of Indian lands, sort of a reverse reservation, for incoming White settlers.

Incompetent people often find logic to be oppressive, yes.

In theory I'm not against double dipping.

If a person earned a pension doing one job and then they retire and eventually are hired to do another job I say good on them. They fulfilled their contract with the people and entered into a new one.

What I have a problem with is those who use their first position to unduly create a position for themselves to fill as their second. It's unfortunately something I've seen too much of in the military and it rarely ever ends up to the benefit of the taxpayers, in my opinion.


Donna: Have become convinced there are only a couple of contributors to these blogs, all with multiple personality disorders. It's quite a field study in abnormal pschology.


Mariner gets abused over at Toledo Talk by his faggot boyfriend Justread , gets his feelings hurt, then comes over here to spread his dumb shit words of wisdom. It is quite a study in being a chicken shit ass sucker!

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

At least he's not pretending to be a woman.


I'm sure glad Fred's back. But I think a couple others here aren't.

I here through the grapevine that Collins will dismantle the Department of Affirmative Action. Minorities and women should be overjoyed to hear that. All affirmative action departments do is tell on people and target them for termination.

Something this sort of program does is also teach people that hard work, getting a good education, etc., are all trumped by learning how to holler the loudest. What will folks who are being picked on do now?

What it really teaches them is that the only way they are going to get a good job is by government supervision of our racist culture.

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