One less criminal will be "playing" the knockout "game"

Apparently St. Louis is where this particular crime started. It has now spread nationally:

The national media's message to these thugs is as follows (IMHO): "Keep on keeping on boys, we will protect you. We are experienced at protecting the low lifes in the country. Our motto, after all, is long live 'Separation of God and the mainstream media.'"

And it isn't just the national media. The recent news reporting on the man sentenced to death for killing a young mother and her 2 children - locally. Here's how 2 of the local media channels (sort of) reported this monster's crimes against this family. Channel 11 reported that he killed the mother and her 2 children. They left out the fact that the murderer raped the 3-year-old daughter. Channel 13, if memory serves, DID very fast and briefly include the fact that the mother's daughter was raped before she was murdered. They left out the AGE of the daughter. I don't recall either channel reporting that the infant boy was strangled with his own blanket.

Now compare this oh-so-careful-of-a-murderer's-feelings. "reporting" to almost ANY other murder, manslaughter, or shooting or beating, locally. The baby Elaina case, for starters - which with the little specific info we have to go on, does not appear pre-meditated. It sounds like a crime of passion. And it looks to the viewing public like the perpetrator already knows he will be going away for a very long time. The media has covered this crime in minute detail and over a very long period of time. The perpetrator is widely believed, by the public, to be the boyfriend. The boyfriend and the horribly unfit mother are both white. The monster who raped and killed a 3-year-old, and strangled an infant with his own baby blanket, is black.

Bottom line for me - Channels 11 and 13 should hang their heads in shame.

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