EconCat88 (the real hero): Trashing Toledo one negative video at a time

In this Sundays Daily Local they published a story about a local who is filming images of decay in our once proud town.

Funny thing is they are vilifying him for his body of work. Meanwhile, for the past several decades the ownership of the daily local has passed generation to generation. They have served as witness and in fact participated in it through feeding editorial as news to the masses in order to get candidates palatable to them elected.

The truth is the daily local is bad for business in our town. Take for instance the attack on the Treece Family's bid to run the airport. Before they can even get a proposal together the daily local trolls in ink on a witch hunt.

Moral of the story..... Don't take on the daily local, or just don't buy it until it sinks into the decay it has made for everyone else.

EconCat88 is the real hero here.

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This town will never turn around while The Blade is in business. They do NOTHING good for Toledo--only bad. They sponsored this year's "holiday" parade downtown--I've seen better parades at my in-laws' lake. Pathetic. The Blocks don't want to put any money into this town--just want the power of the press and the fat income of the cablesystem.

A former Toledoan friend of mine asked why the Blade would support a mayoral candidate whose wife refuses to sell her house in Sylvania (Collins). I said "It's easy--we have a newspaper owned by a family who refuses to live in Toledo."

Damn Galt! I wish I could press a like button for your comment. And why was the holiday parade held weeks before Thanksgiving?

Here's an attempt at a smiley face.... :)

Mr. Apathy

Do you think the local newspaper "should" fund a parade? Is it your position local businesses should somehow be compelled to sponsor a holiday parade and do so with more money than the blade provided? If so, which businesses should do that? What would Ayn Rand say in this matter?
Also, should the wife of the mayor "have to" sell a home in a neighboring city if her husband chooses to run for (and get elected) mayor? That seems like a weird rule for a guy who seems to want government off our collective (sorry if that word offends) backs. After all, the city essentially hires Collins to serve as its manager (mayor). And you want to impose rules on real estate ownership for said employees family?
Honestly, a guy could get whiplash tracking your political views.

The Blade can't stand it that Youtube is replacing them. They can't stop it. They can send blistering emails to all they like, but they can't pull those videos down.

These newspaper articles are part of the dying gasps of a form of media that's become obsolete.

Econcat has been posting the visual truth about Toledo and NWO since 2009, so The Blade really has to now explain why they've been blind to it for 4 years.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
-- Mahatma Gandhi

My understanding of this is that some person has taken videos and/or pictures of things that actually exist. I haven't actually watched these things. I read about half of the Blade story, and was very bored. I'm not sure a really, really slow news day at the Blade makes this person a hero or villain.

Besides, 'econcat88' is clearly Edward Snowden. Has anyone seen the two in different places at the same time? Case closed.

It's gotta be tearin' The Blade up something fierce that anyone can just point a camera at things in Toledo, annotate the video with commentary, and then post it, getting a lot of eyeballs interested, all without going through their media system to do it.

A key issue here is that Econcat posts a heckuva lot more videos about China, Florida and Las Vegas. The Blade's reporting would have us believe Econcat is some 'Toledo hater' with nothing else to do but tear us down. That's two intrinsic errors; one, that he's somehow manufacturing Toledo's ruined vistas, and two, that he's concentrating on Toledo only.

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