Democrat (former) aide changes her mind on the "Affordable" Care Act

Oh, the 2014 campaign year is going to be SO MUCH FUN... for conservatives. As of today, the media - including PBS's Woodruff & Ifill, although they are pretending to be concerned about BOcare costs - the media continues to protect BO, trying to change the subject, etc.

Latest trick BO tried to pull - apparently reported by Juan Williams, who was at the meeting in question -- bobo pulls in boot licking news people to a meeting SUGGESTING to them that it would have been better for the insurance companies to not call their cancellation letters, well, cancellation letters. BO said that the letters from insurance companies cancelling policies due to BOcare should have been called something like renewal letters. The message to the boot licking journalist attendees appearing to be a not-so-subtle SUGGESTION that they do the same.

Well, here's the article on the Democratic aide who has changed her mind on the ACA:

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