Obama says how do you like me now..

The latest LIE to come out of this administration is they LIED about the unemployment numbers.. OH! BUT WAIT Obama didn't know anything about that... This guy and his administration has to be number 1 in the deceit/lying department, hell he tops the Nixon administration... Every time I see this guy, I say LIAR. And after he gets caught he still lies about the lie. The Great and Wonderful OZ..

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Nerd, - Bush - King Liar- Weapons of mass destruction- Wars- thousands of American soldiers killed for nothing.- Billions of dollars wasted. The money changers got richer- The middle class got destroyed. Haliburton made Cheney millions. The Bush administration
ruined this country and your upset about a snafu in Obama's plan to try to get uninsured people some health insurance. Yeah he is big bad liar. When you see Bama on tv talking about it is his pants really on fire? What are you retarded?

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

I'm not retarded. I can see and understand clearly what the Obama administration is doing. Health insurance for everyone, yeah, what frigging rock do you live under, crawl out from under it and clear your mind and research Obama care instead of believing every word the Great and Wonderful OZ says..

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Donna Honey, Sweetheart, Darlin Iraq under Bush: 575 brave American military personnel killed Iraq under Barry: (who campaigned to pull all troups) over 1500 brave American military personnel killed. check the record.

Dumb ass, besides worshiping right wing losers like Bush you must also subscribe to the Charles Manson philosophy of " no sense makes sense".
Bush is THE reason that any American service men were killed in Iraq or Afghanistan.
Obama did pull some troops out but not as many as he would of liked. The right wingers under the direction of the money changers seen to that. check the record.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Your post clearly lays the blame on Bush. Remember, Bush started the war. Bush is the blame for all the casualties.

I see. So George W. Bush is still Commander-in-Chief of all U.S. armed forces? And he's been Commander-in-Chief for the period of 2001-2013?

Do you stupid Liberals even know what a "Commander-in-Chief" is?

Us liberals can understand that Bush initiated the war in Iraq because he decided to use inaccurate intelligence about WMD's. He knew there were no WMD's. He just wanted to finish the job his father didn't finish and make sure his friends got rich in the process.

Stop dodging the question:

Is George W. Bush still Commander-in-Chief of all U.S. armed forces?

Obama is the weakest leader we've seen in a while. And we all know why.

Guestzero, you should change your name to IQ=zero. You are quite a right wing dumb ass.
Bush illegally put us in Iraq to get revenge for his dumb ass dad, then poured billions of our resources into Afgan. chasing Al-Qaeda. & Osama. How that work out? The blood of All those deaths of our troops over there are on Bush. But hey at least his wall street masters and dead eye dick made alot of money. What do you think that you can just pack up and leave like you were going away for the weekend after you made all these promises and getting commitments from these country leaders? Are you that dense? Obama is weak you say? Bush was a fucking buffoon and a joke (I see why you associate with him). Go change your depends and go to bed.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Please explain how Bush illegally put us into Iraq. Do you even understand how our government works? Maybe you shouldn't worry about the IQ of others and focus on your own.


Bush knew that there were no WMD's in Iraq. The war in Iraq was about money, the same as the war in Vietnam.

Even if that were true and let's face facts you can't prove that.

But let's say it was true. It was Congress who authorized action. Hence it's not illegal.


Lying to Congress is a crime. Congress authorized the Iraq War based on the lies the Bush Administration told Congress. When Colin Powell found out about the lies he resigned. He didn't want any part of the deception.

Good luck getting a prosecution. You have to prove it was a lie. Intelligence is a best guess upon provided facts. It's not an exact science.

So... now we've established your original comment was wrong. The war in Iraq was not illegal, it was authorized by Congress and thus legal.


An action taken based on perjury is illegal.

You have to prove it was known to be a lie. Good luck.


I talked to soldiers about five years ago that had pictures of WMD's in Syria that were uncovered after a huge dust storm that revealed WMD's and a jet, all with Iraqi insignia's.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

I can't thank you enough for revealing your stunning ignorance. Anyone who knows my posting history would well know my harsh criticisms of the Bush Regime. I coined the term "Turd Right" when I was outlining what the rightwing was trying to accomplish in their nearly 100% control of the federal government for the period 2001-2006.

But that period is long over, and once again, I must ask, who's really in charge of the US military? Do you know anything about a military? The commanding officer gives an order, and if you don't obey it, military police will lock you up. Obama is allegedly the Commander-in-Chief of all the US armed forces, deployed or not. The US Constitution says so. And yet... the wars rage on. So there's only one rational conclusion. Obama decided, against everything he did in the period up to 2008, to continue the war machine that Bush started. He agrees with Bush's policies 100%.

So among other things, like tolerating banker criminality, that makes Obama no better than Bush. Literally, he's the same sort of politician, enacting the same imperialist (i.e. rightwing) socio-economic policies. And you voted for him, twice. Or the Liberals did. So Liberals have lost all credibility. So have you.

Eight years of Bush was an embarrassment to the whole world. Obama has done a great job fixing many of the problems that Bush created, but the problems he created will take at least another twelve years to correct. Go Obama!

Name one problem that has been "fixed".

The closest I can name is the death of Osama Bin Laden but since he was marginalized since the battle of Tora Bora and couldn't effectively command it really wasn't anything mroe than a symbolic victory.

However I still wouldn't call it "fixed" since there's plenty of conspiracy theorists and radical Islamists who believe he's still alive since the body was dumped at sea.


Anything BO does is down played because he is not 100% White. If BO was 100% White everybody would be saying he's the greatest President the US has ever had.

Why do you keep lying to yourself for the sake of an argument, you can't be that oblivious to what's really going on..

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

I'm right on point. Anytime a non-white accomplishes something great, white America looks for a way to demean them or steal it from them.

And yet your refuse to give up your land to the Miami Indians in a continued rape of their culture.


How many years of being Commander-in-Chief does Obama require before he simply pens the order to stop the wars? He allegedly graduated from college so we already know he knows what a pen and paper are.

You Liberals can't answer this question since we all know what the real answer is: Obama has no intention of stopping the wars, which only means he lied during his campaigns. You Liberals gobbled up those lies like Godiva chocolates. Or something else that's dark brown.

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