Troop Deaths under Obama (vs. Bush)

I started thinking about this due to Obama's ascendancy to the presidency being based largely on the fact that McCain (for whom I did not vote) was seen as a warmonger [well he does appear to have several screws loose].... while Obama presented himself as someone who would end the wars. He, as we all know - continued Iraq for quite a while, and continues Afghanistan to this day. He copied, and exceeded Richard Nixon almost exactly, except that Nixon presided over only one war that he had promised to end.

These numbers are just for Afghanistan:

Imagine that - between 2 chicken hawks bobo wins, in terms of dead Americans on his watch.

Well, voting Americans just got a big "reality check" via their pocketbooks.... so NOW that they are awake, November 2014 should be a major "correction".

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Where are the protests where they put all the empty pairs of boots at One Gov't Center then? Apparently protestors only care about dead soldiers if there's a republican in the white house.

You ask a Dem or all-out liberal why these wars are "OK" under Obama, when they were crying and wailing about them under Bush... and you get either silence, or a weak reply something like: "Well I was disappointed about that."

The problem is that during Bush's presidency, the MEDIA was wailing and hand-wringing about the flag-draped coffins being hidden from view , the number of soldiers killed, and on and on. And not having voted for Bush myself [voted 3rd party from 1992 right up until 2012], I thought those were valid criticisms at the time. Never in my wildest dreams did I foresee the media circling the wagons and refusing to set any of the same standards for Obama. The media will protect him no matter what he does or says.

The public, however, is waking up - little by little before now - and REALLY waking up about the "Affordable" Care Act, now that it impacts their pocketbook. Which in and of itself is a sad state of affairs - that the voters who blindly voted for this guy without asking questions - start asking questions when it has a negative impact on their finances.

So every once in a while, even on a small local blog like this, I think it's important to point out some of the things the media is hiding or minimizing regarding this administration.

Until BO calls you up and offers you an evening of bliss you will continue to critisize him. It won't happen, so stop flapping.

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