Rumors, Rumors,Rumors

Only three days after the Election rumors are everywhere that Carty will be Collins' Chief of Staff. If that happens, hold on folks the ride for the next four years will be facinating.

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Seriously, who cares?

Idiots don't care.


We will be getting recycled politicians who didn't move Toledo forward when they were in office. It's a shame Toledo can't get people elected who will move Toledo forward. Even though I'm not a fan of Bell, I admit there appeared to be some movement forward.

Curious. What do you define as "appearance" and "movement"? I'll leave the term "forward" off this list as your standard Liberal derangement.


What? How does fodder apply to "appearance" and "movement"? Perhaps you meant "feces", which fulfills what we have in appearance, and certainly is a movement.

Perhaps you need to talk to a mental health specialist.

Since you can't answer a simple question about your own biases and definitions, particularly in a forum that's, well, A FORUM, you then need to take your own advice there, chum.

From reading the Blade it appears the rumors are true. Carty is back and Ford may be finding a new place to take his naps. Politics in Toledo sucks.

That's why Brian Wilson left, remember he said we were all brain dead morons, he was right for the section of those who don't vote and for those who keep voting for the same old tired politicians. It wasn't a secret that Collins was being advised by the Fink, it was out there.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

I have told my children to stay as far away from Toledo as they can get. Toledo truly personifies "Animal Farm".

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