Your predictions: Winners and losers

Other than the Board of Election losing, that is a given with Jon Stainbrook on it, who are your choices for winners and losers today? Sound off here. Any race - city/township/school board.

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60% of the vote for Collins. Looks like Bell will be going down in flames. Making anti union political commercials (SB5) in a Democratic town is a no brainer. Bell spending 5 times the money still can't fool the voters. Bell look to Governor Kaisich or China for your next gig. Can't wait to hear the extremists at WSPD tell their low information listeners some yarn about Toledo voters.

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Bell would have any problem at all getting a "next gig". Or he could retire comfortably, if that is his plan. I never understood why he WANTED to be mayor of a dying city, to begin with.

Save your worries for your guy, who is about to find out how "fun" it is to be blamed for everything going wrong in a city going down the tubes. Collins was a hyper-critical gadfly. He will now understand the pitfalls of being on the receiving end of such constant criticism. First thing he plans to do, apparently, is trim City govt staff. Which will resonate well with most voters. But he is going to waste the savings on re-opening an unnecessary, now-closed, police station. So - same ole same ole. The new mayor will fund his own pet projects, just like all mayors before him. Except for possibly, Donna Owens. I don't think she did that a lot.

I think Collins and Anita Lopez are positioning themselves, politically, to take Kaptur's seat in congress when Kaptur retires. Kaptur is in her 60's I think - she won't be retiring from that cushy spot any time soon - possibly when she is 90 or so.

I remember Collins when he was on the streets as a policeman. Hatred for the police was at an all time high. As Mayor will he foster such a sentiment?

Just read a few comments on Face Book from people who were unfriended by Mr. Friendly Mayor Elect.

I'm sure the honeymoon will end quickly and the Boring Professor will be lecturing us from the Carty Handbook.

Mr. Apathy

It's easy predicting the losers in a Toledo election.................those that actually pay taxes.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

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