Meghan Gallagher Allegedly Abuses Fellow BOE Employee...Again

My sources in the BOE tell me that once again Ms Gallagher has lost the plot, and shown her total lack of respect towards her underlings. Ms. Gallagher allegedly verbally and physically abused a fellow colleague today. My sources also tell me that the BOE board members were so incensed with Ms Gallagher's behavior, that they had the yet unnamed employee file a incident report with the police and prosecutor.

A little bird also tells me that Jon Husted's office was notified of the incident. This just days after Ms Gallagher requested that a BOE employee (Matthew Toepfer) be reimbursed for having to take a drug test after he was arrested while hauling a friend around to buy heroin while his BOE employee girlfriend was giving birth.

What a dysfunctional team Gallagher and Stained pants, I mean Stainbrook make. Is it any wonder why the Republican party is such a mess in Lucas County?

Good news for us Green Party members though.

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Possibly Meghan was short on her medication--keeping in mind that she was caught stealing drugs from a hospital patient.

Who would they be? Just curious.

The source was the world net daily local site.


"Good news for us Green Party members though."

How is it dysfunction at the Board of Elections is good for anyone? Unless you are a freak anarchist and don't care if this brings you or your friends down in the process.

Mr. Apathy

I agree. An effed-up BOE undermines voter confidence. Even if more Greens appear from the matter, voter participation otherwise is suppressed or dejected.

Thanks for the birdy update LS :)

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