What's the big silence about Issue 24, the TPS levy?


I keep hearing the high schools are at half strength or less, meaning they are severely underused, so it only stands to reason this school district needs to shrink. As far as I'm concerned, the district will have to close one or more of the brand-new schools eventually, and that means a sooner eventually than a later eventually. So why not just cut spending like men, and re-arrange these schools, and stop pretending that choosing a new figurehead like Durant is going to make a difference? The school system can't stop people from leaving Toledo and Lucas County, and they're going to keep doing that due to economic inertia. The district must adapt therefore to the loss of population.

I'm voting no on this ridiculous tax-and-spend paradigm. Fiscal rectitude is the only rational reality now.

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"I'm voting no on this ridiculous tax-and-spend paradigm."

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

Me, too--until graduating seniors read above third grade levels.

You shouldn't hold people to standards that you can't meet.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

I'm voting against this and every other TPS levy request

I've seen one Issue 24 sign so far, and it says "A New Beginning". Gad. Do people even believe that sort of crap? It's a blatant lie.

I'm wondering if a person like Bucknut would be willing to vote for such levies if there were checkable and even enforceable conditions attached.

Before making ignorant comments, at least check your facts. Are there schools that are not at capacity? Yes, but not half full. And there are schools over capacity. The district has been cutting spending, going to K-8 buildings has saved millions. And the comment about students reading above a 3rd grade level is simply absurd. Look at the state report card. TPS has a long ways to go but when you compare students of similar socio-economic backgrounds from suburban districts with TPS students, scores are comparable. Not to mention TPS' special education program received a grade of an A from the state. Not many districts can say that. Schools cannot fully over come poor neighborhoods and bad family situations. Although TPS has initiated efforts to increase scores of inner city students and early data shows it is working. But a good special education program and inner city initiatives cannot continue with further budget cuts. TPS simply asks for the same level of funding they currently have, not new money.

I've asked knowledgeable citizens about the number of students at selected high schools over the years, and unless they gave me bald-faced lies, we have a serious student deficit. But I hardly needed to ask. Toledo's population continues to drop. I analyzed directly the Lucas County population, when challenged to do so by a friend, and I noted a very distinct loss of population due to emigration.

So, it's rigorously logical alone that population loss due to emigration equals loss of student population.

So, what, Chubbard, did you seriously believe that Toledo could lose 1000 people per year for over a decade (per US Census ongoing numbers) and this not end up sapping the enrollments in the TPS?

And I don't care what the TPS is asking for. They haven't rigorously downsized in light of the loss of students from the dual hits of external and internal emigration, meaning loss of family units from the Toledo area and a loss of student enrollments in particular to the alternative schools. The TPS will have to do less with less. This is, once again, the only rational judgment.

The Durant move is merely a chess play. What's still happening in the TPS is a game, played with our money. It's not education and it's time to put a stop to it.

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