If you are willing and able to put aside political leanings, you can appreciate what a brave man Ted Cruz is. He did what no one in Washington has been willing to do for decades--thumb his nose at both political parties and not play by the rules of the establishment.

Recently, I visited Mount Vernon. Other than entertaining the thought of trying to revive George Washington, the other emotion I experienced was sadness over something I overheard while at our first President's home. I was sitting on a bench near Washington's gravesite and a boy about 15-years-old and someone I assumed to be his dad were looking at the tomb. The boy asked the man, "Is this who Washington D.C. is named after?" Wow--there's government-run education for you!

It would be great if we had more politicians who were willing to risk their careers and ridicule to actually stand-up as a spokesperson for the people.

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That's what the Dems and establishment Repubs are worried about. We are 1 year away from probably taking back the Senate, and, in reality, not more than 2 years away from the 2016 presidential sweepstakes kickoff. Both parties are afraid of him for very simple reasons. He says what he believes, and means what he says.

The ridicule that is a reflection of this fear by the establishment of both parties (and the whiny mainstream media) is intended to hurt Cruz's "widdle feelings", and put him back in what they consider his "place". They have found out they can't compromise him and it is DRIVING THEM CRAZY!

I figure by time thousands of families and individuals have absolutely "had it" with BOcare (right around next year's mid-terms), Cruz will be looking even better to the general populace than he does now. Liberals/the Establishment/the media... know that he appeals to too many demographic groups.... He could be the first Hispanic prez - that takes care of a majority of that group. Conservatives will never desert him. And then there are the populists out there in both parties - they love him, regardless of party affiliation.

This is going to be a very interesting year coming up - with liberals and the mainstream media pulling out all the stops to destroy Cruz. But they won't succeed. Go Ted Cruz!

p.s. I still like Rand Paul, but he is too cautious - for every two steps forward, he takes one step back. And his father now beginning to go on talk shows to help RP's presidential hopes - too little too late - it's not going to work. Conservative voters saw what happened last time, with dozens of "debates" where a moderate/liberal (Romney) was able to sic all the conservatives on one another to win the nomination, and then, basically, wimp out and back down from actually challenging Obama. I think liberals know we are not going to let that happen again for the following reasons:

1. There won't be a Dem incumbent, and they will have to have their own debates, and will be forced to attack one another... can't wait.
2. There is lots of talk in the wind regarding conservative Republicans not participating in debates where there are no conservative questioners or moderators.
3. Three million (give or take) venues, week after week, enabling the Scott Pelleys of the world to attack conservatives, disguised as debate questions -- yeah, Scott, sweetie, that IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN in 2016.

All of the above, and more, is why liberals and the media are panicking at the moment. They know Cruz has a real shot at the presidency. I can't tell you how I am enjoying their panic.

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I chuckled when I heard that a Democrat Congressman was proposing delaying Obamacare by a year. Remember when the Republicans in the House proposed that to the Democrats in the Senate and Harry Reid said "no way"?

With the Obamacare website being a bust and Obama trying to rationalize it by saying that the site may have problems, but the healthcare is good (which is like the cheerleader telling the nerd "I'd go out with you if I wasn't so busy this weekend"), it turns out that Ted Cruz was right--it does need to be defunded.

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