The Decline of Race Baiting

I have noticed that the amount of race baiting on SB has declined. That's a good thing. We all need to stop focusing on cultural imperfections and unite our strenghts for a stronger America.

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You're the number one race baiter here, Zey. If there's a decline, you must have contracted the stomach flu or something.

I was expecting someone to accuse me of that, but that isn't. true. It wasn't me who persistently, a few months ago, started posting derogatory information about other races almost weekly if not daily. I will admit that have been a major contibutor to the escalation of that type of posting, but as with other posters, I posted in disgust of what was being written. Since that guilty poster appears not to be posting anymore, there is no need for me to continue.

Of course it's true. Any reasonable survey of your postings shows that you bring up race most of the time. You pass this off as not being racism since you're targeting Whites, just like the Liberal shits taught you.

You say Euro-this, Euro-that. You're like a White Power anti-particle.

You need to put the blame where it belongs. The poster who almost daily posted a new post demeaning other races. The poster wanted responses and he got them.

The hate radio jock has took his toys and moved to Facebook so he can limit intelligent talk. Here on SB it got so bad for him that he took his photoshopping act to a safe zone where only those that agree are able to post. .

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.

It's an interesting comment--the decline of race baiting. It magnifies the double standard that racism can only occur when criticizing a minority (primarily African American).

In fact, the attack on the Tea Party is race baiting. Since "Tea Party" is code for "white people," the negative posts against that group that have escalated in recent days is indeed racism.

Raging, unchecked, downwind out of control paranoia by the lefties. They have worked themselves into a spastic, perspiring lather that their day has finally come in a delusional belief that all they need to do is reach out and control the entire country. The acquisition and maintenance of the liberties we cherish will never permit totalitarianism by any faction of blathering fools. The left needs to go back and make concrete accomplishments before earning the privilege of leadership. America was not placed here just for your opportunistic adventurism.

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