Considering his relentless push for Medicaid Expansion, would you vote for Kasich?

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what is the alternative? A Democrat? Seriously?

A pro-abortion Democrat? Seriously?

The alternative that is growing in popularity is to "Skip that Box" on the ballot.

I can't vote for a Democrat, but I also can't reward a moderate Republican by voting for him. These RINO's will need to win re-election by the strength of the other moderates' support.

Kasich put the final nail in from my perspective by foregoing the elected legislature and giving a committee the right to decide on Medicaid Expansion.

But not for long. For the following reason:

What you get when conservatives and other constitutionalists "opt out" in one way or another... is BARRY BARAK SOETORO OBAMA. That's what you get, because your non-vote IS a vote. it's a vote for the worst candidate, whether you like that or not.

I know whereof I speak, because I voted Third Party (all conservatives) from 1992 right up until 2012, when I HAD to vote against this communist, and so, voted for Romney. One of my relatives was enamored, years ago, with that phony baloney, Ross Perot. And all of those voters that Perot peeled off in 2 presidential elections, are credited with installing evil Bill Clinton in the White House. (Clinton never got 50% of the vote in either presidential election.)

Non-voting has consequences - all of them bad, and all of them easy to see in advance.