BO's Brainwashing of the American public

apparently is not working:

And Sebelius (after not being able to convince John whats-his-name on his daily show)... went on to preach to 100 people in a MUCH LARGER VENUE - Heinz Field. Again - that was 100 people showed up at the Steelers' Heinz Field. Word is that Sebelius is blaming that non-turnout on Heinz Field. I'd laugh if she were not so all-around pathetic.

IMAGINED conversation at the White House (i.e., this is satire)...

Prez stamping his foot in frustration to Jay Carney... Why isn't this working? Why are 60% of the American people still opposing my wonderfulness?? Don't they know I'm half black and therefore never do anything wrong?

Sir, once we hoodwinked John Roberts, everything else is irrelevant. It doesn't matter what the people think.

But I wanted the majority of U.S. citizens to love me, and honor and obey me.

Yeah, sir, that ship has sailed.

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