I emailed Senator Sherrod Brown to ask him why he continues to support Congressional members and their staffs getting subsidies for health care that us "average" folks don't get. How arrogant it is of these politicians to treat themselves like royalty when, in fact, we are their employers.

I'm realistic enough to know I will get some standardized political-speak response, but it just irritates me that they thumb their noses at us. It really should be a non-partisan issue; Americans of all political persuasions should be outraged by this.

Anyway, I went to Brown's website and used the email feature. When I submitted my message a screen came up that said due to the shutdown of the government Senator Brown would not be able to respond to my message. What?!

So I emailed Senator Rob Portman to thank him for not supporting the subsidy for Congress and did not get a message saying he was not responding due to the shutdown.

Then I remembered hearing that it was the "non-essential" employees who would be furloughed. That confirms what I've always known about Brown.

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You're a nobody that no one wants to hear from.

I am crushed!

If the shutdown and it's furloughing of "non essential" employees goes on long enough, does "non essential" become synonymous with "superfluous" at some point?

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

I think so. There are two things that a prolonged shutdown will show:

1. The continuous and loud whining of furloughed federal employees will highlight how big of a role we've allowed the government to play in our economy. Time to cut back on its influence.

2. The government being shutdown really isn't that big of an inconvenience.

The servers aren't actually off. This is just another intentional punishment of the public to "get them" for the shutdown.

I hope this shows to more Americans how vicious, stupid and wasteful their government is. Each shutdown should be minting more Libertarians. Should.

... or EXACKT! as the Germans put it. [Well, except for the Libertarian angle.]

Swamppeople...Thanks for taking the time to do the "homework" on this. Brown sends all this touchy-feely stuff to constituents on his e-mail list. BUT, he went along with an OBVIOUS attempt by the "wah wah wah" big baby Democrat party to show us, the great unwashed [WHO PAY THEIR HUGE SALARIES PLUS FREE BENEFITS], what big meanies the bad ole Repubs are (wah wah wah). Really?? Shame shame, Mr. Browrn.

It's similar to the "gate" around the WWII memorial that veterans stormed yesterday. Why exactly is there a fence around this or ANY outdoor memorial, in the first place? They don't have a fence around the Vietnam memorial, do they? I don't believe that one IS fence-able. Except for maintenance, why should ANY of the OUTDOOR memorials be closed?? We the people PAID FOR THOSE MEMORIALS. But the big bad ole meanie in the White House who vacations almost non-stop at taxpayer expense, year after year.... refused to re-open the memorials. Flat out refused.

Three more years of this, and this country's greatness will be a distant memory.

Oh, and for Democrat males "serving" in congress... a Veteran is a male, or female, who served in the armed forces so that you can sit in D.C. and collect close to $200,000 per year from mostly medium income and POOR constituents, and, on most days, do nothing other than whine and fund the killing of babies in abortion mills.

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