Just in Case

Received a shorter version of this in my e-mail. Since it sounded a lot like the (former elected official) Songstad warning that I had previously posted here... I googled AND binged it.


This is posted at (far as I can tell) MANY websites and blogs. The intent of so many posting this warning is to block it from happening in the first place (false flag event).

A pre-emptive comment here... the usual suspects will call "conspiracy theorist" a thousand times over. I don't care. Because it's a sure-fired cinch that each and every congressman and woman has already seen it. No reason why we, the great unwashed, shouldn't be privy to these warnings.

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And you can bet that ALL House and Senate reps are aware of this one, as well.


I sincerely hope you have family members who are aware of the material you post and seek help for you.


coming from a filthy mouthed and minded poster who has spent years, days, months, and hours on this board pretending to be a U.S. Marine. [Whereas our family friend in the Marines assures us that there IS NO JOB or assignment in the Marines that would allow 24/7 monitoring of a message board for SIX FREAKING YEARS and counting.] He also agrees that any Marine posting filth on a message board for SIX FREAKING YEARS running, would have been dishonorably discharged long ago.

You are an idiot.

It was you who suggested that the military was posting things on message boards. I have an obviously sarcastic reply. Well it was obvious to those smart enough to notice the obvious. I post on my own time.

As much as you claim my posts are "filth" they are nothing compared to how despicable your posts are.

You post treasonous posts about our President. I do not politically support our President but at least I have enough respect for the office to not make up lies.

You attack the religion of others. I would call you a false prophet but there is nothing prophetic about you.

You are pathetic and sad. And yes, I hope you have a family member who becomes aware of your posts because you are a delusional sociopath.


.....everyone knows if it's posted on the internet, then copied onto other sites, that makes it true.


MikeyA/Bushblows, there is a special place in Hell reserved for you!

Are you mad I insulted FG, aka your mom?


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