Realities of Obamacare--Kentucky family's health insurance triples in cost!

Ah--to be a clueless liberal (redundancy noted). You love Obama so much that reality has played no part in your life since the glorious days of his inauguration in 2009. If you are part of this utopian group, no need to read further. I fear for how much damage this post will do to your equilibrium (considering all of the spinning you'll have to do).

For those of us who know that Obamacare is going to ruin the U.S. health care system and be the most expensive debacle in our history--it's time to be afraid--be very afraid.

At the end of this post there is a link to a video showing how a Kentucky family's health care premiums increased from $333 to $965 a month! According to their insurer, Humana, "Increases aren't based on individual claims or changes in health status," but factors including "ACA (Obamacare) compliance." You see, Obamacare requires new health benefits--whether your need or want them.

If you haven't already, contact your Senators to let them know that you want to defund Obamacare. They need to hear from us--their employers! The link to the contact information is:

Here is the link to the article/video about the Kentucky family:

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Americans blessed with brains (even small ones) SHOULD be contacting their Senators.

Yesterday, I think it was, I watched the very FIRST explanation (on tv) regarding what the real COST to an individual will be. I'll condense this, but I think it was PBS - and the person they used was an African American gentleman who was actually happy about BOcare. His statistics went like this, best I recall.

Late 50's. His monthly premium will be something like $250 per month (rounded off), and his yearly deductible will be $6,000 per year. That means he will pay, in any given year - OUT OF HIS OWN POCKET - BOTH the $250 monthly premium ($2,500 PER YEAR) to the insurance company - and then UP TO $6,000 THAT SAME YEAR IF HE HAS SERIOUS MEDICAL BILLS.

For that gentleman, he will be paying at the very least $2,500 (JUST FOR A POLICY) and then -- (up to $6,000)... ALL OF HIS OWN MEDICAL BILLS (up to $6,000). The insurance only helps if he has some major incident or illness during any given year.

Which brings us back to why Obamacare is just a nice kissy-face GIFT TO THE INSURANCE GIANTS. INSURANCE IS NOT HEALTH CARE.

The prez uses those terms interchangeably. He will say Repubs don't want people to have health care (a bald faced lie), when what he means is that Republicans are getting in the way of OBAMA GIVING A BIG SMOOCHY FACED GIFT TO THE INSURANCE GIANTS.

Again, for those in Loma Linda AND Lucas County:



"MrBallou: sammyk: I played with this handy tool.

I don't know the details of the lifestyle of Andy and Amy Mangione of Louisville, Ky so I took some liberties and guessed.. TFA says they have 2 kids, I guessed at them being 30 years old and I got the median income for Louisville from here.

Turbotax wont let me copy/pasta but here is the breakdown.

Health coverage = $922/mo
Financial assistance = -$984

So the Mangiones' will be paying zero for healthcare. Yes zero.

/farking liars making shiat up out of whole cloth

Fox probably had to edit out the part about the subsidies because of time constraints or something. ;)

Interesting that a family of 4 can make up to $100K/year and still qualify for assistance. This should be mentioned more often.

They could be making up to $65,000 and will have NO CHANGE in their premiums whatsoever. Or they could choose to go without insurance and pay a penalty of $38 a month, which is what the Koch brothers are claiming that everyone should do in their nationwide campaign to convince young people to not get health insurance

If they are saying that their private contract with their insurance carrier went up by that much, well, I'd say they need to re-evaluate their insurance carrier. Fortunately, Obamacare has allowed you to change carriers without worrying about pre-existing conditions, or being denied coverage. When it comes down to it, this family is going to be helped far, far more by the ACA than if they'd simply had Humana triple their premiums (as has happened in the past) without the ACA's guarantees that they'll still be able to get affordable coverage.

So really, if this story was reported truthfully, it would be yet another Obamacare success story, allowing a family with kids to keep their insurance, and keep it affordable. But hey, it's Fox News. I think they're paid by the lie, not by the column inch."

1. What is their deductible under Obamacare?

2. Can they keep all of their current doctors under Obamacare?

3. Remember when Obama said, "If you like your current insurance you can keep it"? Is that a lie?

Here's the logic you are using:

These people may have liked their coverage, doctors, deductibles, etc.; but since they can't afford that coverage because of the extreme increase in price due to Obamacare, they will be forced into an exchange with new coverage that will have a higher deductible (read the CBO report on that) and may not be able to keep their same doctors. All of this AND taxpayers are shouldering the burden of paying $900+ a month for their coverage, whereas we weren't paying a penny prior to Obamacare!

I guess the two of his have a different definition for "success story"!

Swamppeople: Don't try to confuse Willard with logic!!

4. How much will their taxes and MY taxes go up so I can have the privilege of paying for their "free" health insurance?

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

CURRENT requirements of health insurance coverage in Kentucky are probably very low. Use an OHIO family instead to compare and then we can talk "apples to apples".

The reality of Obamacare for me is that I am keeping my insurance plan and my doctor just as Obama said I could. A lot of you said Obama lied to me, but that’s not the reality of it for me. What’s up with that?

It is probably more accurate to add the words "for now" to your statements.

Keep believing Fox news you low IQ Lemmings!

"Keep believing Fox news you low IQ Lemmings!"

THAT'S FUNNY so I know you didn't come up with it all by yourself. Were you spoon-fed that pablum from your owners George Soros or Warren Buffet? Maybe you get all your "news" from Comedy Central and Bill Maher shoved that crap into your head that you parrot it like a good little liberal lemming? Or was that put in your head by Stephen Colbert and the mind control experts at HBO?

I would have thought you were ordered to say that cute little pun by the Democrat mouthpieces at Air America, but like all things Dimocrats touch, Air America spent money they didn't have and finally went bankrupt.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

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