Ah, so the Southern Poverty Law Center functions as a liberal hate group

No surprise there. The victim here did indeed save his own life. But I always wonder with stories like this why more people in reception areas don't have pepper spray with them at all times. I've also read an article on the value of reception areas keeping a can of wasp spray on the desk, in the open, for quick use in attack situations.


The victim in above link (who lived, but has severely impaired arm) HAD a gun, by the way, but says the Lord told him not to shoot. (That sounds like the merciful God of scripture.)

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Thanks again Farmergal for another interesting and informative post. There are a lot of posters on here who could take some lessons from you on proper posting!

FRC is a hate group. Your reference of the scripture makes me wonder to which testament you claim allegiance. The old says a lot about gays, and wearing mixed textiles for clothing, eating shell fish, working on saturday and why its ok to sell your daughter into slavery. Its all there; but you focus on the gay stuff while ignoring everything else.
The new testament, by definition the one whose adherents claim to be "christians" speaks nothing of gays, but a whole lot about the poor.
But you don't talk much about the poor, church lady. Do you? Your "savior" spoke often and eloquently about poverty, about the disenfranchised, about those on the margin of our society. But you don't talk much about them. You talk about Obama and gays.
Why, exactly, do you consider yourself a "christian?"

I talk about the poor fairly often on this board. It's one of my main complaints against your false messiah - that he works for his big bankster masters, and to a lesser degree, big labor - but NOT the poor of the country. Never for the poor.

Don't make me laugh with your lame attempt to twist scriptures, about which you know nothing. And your lack of sympathy for the African American gentleman who was shot and severely wounded is duly noted. It's the hallmark of liberals, actually - absolute hatred for anyone or any organization that challenges Godlessness and immorality.

Liberals who yammer on and on about the poor (by the way) and generally do little in the way of hard work to HELP the poor - used to be called "Limousine Liberals". Limousine or Ford Focus - it's still a fitting description for most liberals. All talk - period.

Farmergal, you don't need pepper spray. One look from Meduca can deter any attacker.

Considering that the shooting victim appears to be African American. So you have no sympathy for this guy whatsoever?? Verrrrry Interesting.

I think you just proved my oft-stated point. The divide nationally isn't really racial... it's spiritual. So when an avowed liberal - such as yourself - sees a CONSERVATIVE - AND CHRISTIAN - black get shot - well, that's OK with you, apparently - just like the "high tech lynching" of Clarence Thomas was ok with liberals, because he had/has conservative values.

So you are just as much of a bigot as anyone else you can name. You are an anti-conservative and anti-Christian bigot.

You liberals never think before you post. Your hatred controls your life completely.

It's not that I don't care, I feel you are a religious zealot who picks and chooses what they want from the Bible to support their warped agenda.

pretending not to get the point, yet again.

Ya know, sockie wockie, "pretend you" blathers on and on about how blacks as a group are so oppressed by whites as a group, ignoring any evidence to the contrary.

Then a black non-Christian goes into a building and shoots a black Christian - a black Christian who has a gun and could have shot and killed the black non-Christian. But BECAUSE THE BLACK CHRISTIAN IS A CHRISTIAN - he demonstrates the mercy of Almighty God and refrains from shooting and killing the black non-Christian.

What galls you is that this kind of Godly mercy is completely foreign to Godless ZEALOTS such as yourself (or in reality such as your troll master, none of whose sock puppets honor the name of God)..

Your controversy is actually with God Himself. Want to tell Him that He is wrong and you are right? Knock yourself out. Have 20 or so sock puppets rail at Him. You will still always be wrong (AND a faker) - and God will still always be right - because HE is God, and you are not.

Do you have any other retort than suggesting that everyone is the same person using a fake username?

I only ask because it's getting old from you.

ZC I agree with you on FG. She's a religious nut. If the Westboro Baptist Church opened a Community Center in town she'd be first in line to join.


She should read the last verses of the Book of Revelations. Maybe she will understand her constant misrepresentations of The Bible are going to send her straight to Hell.

you agree with ALL of your sock puppets... hahahahahahaha ROTFL

Admin edit, vulgar post

Conservatives love boys in bathroom stalls

For any curious readers/lurkers:


What fake military guy, via one of his sock puppets, is hinting at is found in verses 18 & 19. Fake military guy has, in the past, on this board -- spouting what amounts to a misrepresentation of the gospel -- run afoul of those very verses. Interesting that he even knows of their existence.

I don't know for sure but I think Bushblows/MikeyA works at WSPD/Bain and post whatever Fredo directs him to. He is a most despicable person and makes me sick!

LOL too funny.

I'm Bushblows, I'm ZC, I argue with myself yet according to FG I also only agree with myself. WARNING if you try to wrap your head around that logic you will probably burst a few blood vessels.

I love where I'm a fake military yet she and RH displayed my IP address as Oceanside, CA. What is located in Oceanside, CA? But she argues that one away because "hackers" can use IP spoofing. LOL You can never argue with conspiracy theorists because when you trap them in logic they always come back with "but wait!"

At least she framed part of her arguement. "Fake military guy has, in the past, on this board -- spouting what amounts to a misrepresentation of the gospel -- run afoul of those very verses" Of course she won't quote me. Because it didn't happen.


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