Elaina Steinfurth death--a story of police incompetence and the underbelly of society


God bless little Elaina. As a vulnerable child, the very people she relied upon to take care of her didn't pull through; and in death, neither did the law enforcement professionals.

There were two categories of places where Elaina could have been: a public space (e.g. a park, in or near a body of water, etc.) or a private space (e.g. a house, a garage, etc.). Volunteers combed acres of public space, but only government officials had the ability to obtain the permits necessary to search private spaces. An important question is how often and when did the TPD search the personal spaces of Elaina's mother and her boyfriend?

Even more disturbing was the spotlight put on the neighborhood where Elaina's mother lived. The deteriorating homes paralleled the residents' behavior. What kind of people start a rumble at the possible site of the solemn discovery of a little girl's body? We've seen the videos of these dysfunctional people who didn't have enough self-control and respect to behave like rational human beings. In a word--losers.

The sad truth is that the majority of these types of tragedies happen in neighborhoods like Elaina's and Ariel Castro's.

One can theorize as to the cause of the moral downfall of a growing number of Americans. Is it an increasing reliance on entitlement programs, laziness, the influence of the media, or just the endless cycle of generations of less-than-stellar individuals procreating?

Little Elaina deserved better.

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Elaina, are to blame for her death and failure to do something about it before murder was the result.
Family, friends, are the folks at fault here....

"The sad truth is that the majority of these types of tragedies happen in neighborhoods like Elaina's and Ariel Castro's."

Well then, tell society to stop voting for what funds and supports that sort of bullshit:

Section 8
food stamps
free cell phones

The government intentionally filled East Toledo with single mothers and other welfare dregs. This was planned. So now enjoy the result. Or start voting Libertarian to put a stop to this fucking mess. Choice. This was always about what the voter chooses to happen.

One thing I wish reporters would have asked the police during the press conference.
The coroner stated the box contained "immature skeletal remains". Is the degree of decomposition consistent with the amount of time the baby has been missing?

I fear that by not finding the body for so long, a cause of death may not be able to be positively determined. That is basically how Casey Anthony got away with murder.

I know it'll never happen in out "civilized" society, but people who murder children, shouldn't just be killed, they should be burned at the stake.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

is the only part of your last paragraph that I can really agree with. Because, think about this for a second -- the breathtaking immorality that is modeled for young people like Elaina's mother - and her boyfriend -- that IMMORALITY is modeled by VERY WEALTHY entertainment individuals. Who flaunt their out of wedlock co-habitation like they are doing something amazingly brilliant. They are Hollywood "rebels" don't ya know (?). They think they are "way cool". And they are RICH, so they must be doing something right... I disagree, but that's what the Hollywood sleaze crowd think about themselves, and sell to the impressionable youth of this country.

And this 24/7, every day, every year rebellion against God Himself -- young people in ALL economic strata COPY this behavior - because it's cool... don't ya know (?).

What's the difference between some Hollywood brat smoking pot, using cocaine, living in sin with a series of partners, etc., and some poor individual in East Toledo copying that "cool" behavior? There IS no difference.

I'm sorry here, but I'd much rather keep the HEAP program for the poor than allow the filth that now dominates television viewing to stay on TV. If memory serves, the origin of ANY standards in the media hark back to the nation's shock when some entertainment sleaze named (I believe) Fatty Arbuckle raped a 13-year-old girl. Well, over the years that national shock has given way to almost non-stop filth in the entertainment industry. And a younger generation many of which don't even understand the basic concept of right vs. wrong use what they see on TV and in the movies as their personal "Bibles".

If you STILL harbor the idea that the well-to-do are better and more sinless than the poor, think, for a moment about such crimes as Ethel Kennedy's nephew murdering a teen gal neighbor in a WELL TO DO neighborhood. Or another Kennedy cousin who got away with rape. Or Ted Kennedy and Chappaquidic and what he got away with there. And it isn't just THAT particular wealthy family - there are hundreds of other examples that have been in the news.

The only reason that more Hollywood actresses & actors' offspring don't die from neglect or abuse, is that those babies are, more often than not, protected and raised by under-paid nannies.

The tragedy of Elaina, to my mind, is that her father was in the process of trying to get custody. And if her mother cared more for the boyfriend than her child, she should have relinquished the little girl. But no - PRIDE - which in the end is one of the deadliest sins - ruled in this young woman's screwed up life. She was quoted as saying something to the effect that he (Elaina's father) would NEVER get custody of her (their) children. Which is why I have NO sympathy for her whatsoever. She and the boyfriend will have the rest of their lives to repent. I hope at some point they do.

But the idea that poverty caused this, or that the poor are more sinful.... well, tell that to Dr. Ben Carson.

Thanks again for straightening out those two sexless asswipes Galt and Guestzero and providing the readers of this message board with FACTS and not Faggot, I mean Fox news talking points!

... not personalities, for the most part. You know, you could post your ideas or thinking on a topic, without denigrating other posters.

One reason I don't "align" myself with other posters, is that most of us are anonymous, and therefore have no real knowledge of who we are dealing with.

I post what I think, and nobody is required to agree with me.

The police shouldn't be critisized. They performed the way they always do. Do as little as possible so they can get back to issuing traffic tickets.

They don't do that. That's what red light camera's are for.


and profiling black people....

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