3 time loser Stainbrook continues to waste BOE resources on personal disputes

BOE member Jon Stainbrrok apparently enticed one of his fellow Republicans to file yet a 3rd attempt to cancel the residency of fellow Republican board member Anthony DeGidio. Stainbrook apparently makes enemies of anyone who doesn't agree with him and Degidio has made clear his intentions to stop Stainbrook's abuses at the BOE including support of incompetents and abuse of employees by Stainbrook. DeGidio has indicated his desire to vote to remove Gallagher from the BOE as recommended by the SOS John Husted. It has been alleged Gallagher has even gone so far as to assault an employee and that matter is claimed to be under investigation.

First Stainbrook presumably convinced failed political wannabe John Marshall to file 2 separate complaints against DeGidio both of which failed. Then on September 9, 2013 Alfonso Narvaez filed another residency challenge which the BOE has refused to acknowledge. Apparently Stainbrook did not tell his associate that these cannot be filed within 20 days of an election so it cannot be ruled on by the BOE.

Meghan Gallagher, BOE director, attempted to help Narvaez and claimed that provision of the law only referred to elections that affect the precinct the challenged individual resides in. Her imaginary interpretation of the law was corrected by Board attorney Kevin Pituch who clarified that the law has no such restriction and the challenge can not be heard by the board. Nonetheless it was surprising that Gallagher would have been researching this little used law to the extent of forming an opinion about where it applies unless she of course was involved in assisting Narvaez with his complaint. It was nice she finally opened the door to her office in any event as employees at the BOE claim she stays in her office with the door closed most of the time she is there.

Meanwhile the Toledo Blade apparently still uses its ink to protect Stainbrook by highlighting these challenges against DeGidio and by minimizing its coverage of when he consistently prevails. This support of Stainbrook can't help but to assist in the destruction of the Lucas County Republican Party (LCRP) from within. After all it is rumored the local party under his "leadership" is almost broke financially. Under Stainbrook's guidance it lacks significant supporters or donors, it's unable to field candidates or raise money for them, and a great many people who know Stainbrook dislike him thus hurting candidates from the start. It's easy to see why the the LCRP is in shambles when it's chairman spends all his time annoying people at the BOE instead of running the party. But despite this situation, Stainbrook will no doubt move on to seek the termination of other BOE employees or otherwise waste more time of the BOE.

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A friend of mine is involved with a voter integrity project that has targeted the fraud perpetrated by the Lucas County BOE for action in the coming months. He assures me that the result of the group's actions will result in a total cleaning house of the BOE.

He also told me that Lucas County was used at a national voter integrity convention as a case study of the dysfunction in the election system. Another feather in NW Ohio's cap!

Relief will not come easily but I hope it does and its very simple. Fire Stainbrook and Gallagher, that's it. It really shouldn't be a problem but it is for a few reasons. Tim Ide a former BOE employee complained of numerous illegal acts by Stainbrook and Gallagher. The SOS actually investigated it but there was not much attention from the Blade and no firing from SOS.

The Board members cannot fire him. I think he can only be fired by Secretary of State Husted. So when anyone tries to stop Stainbrook from firing or abusing good employees, or to bring the pair's illegal acts to light, or to show the incompetence and bizarre behavior of Gallagher, all he get for his well intentioned efforts gets is attacked by Stainbrook with apparent support from the Blade.

Why doesn't the prosecutor investigate and prosecute?
Why don't any news agencies report these matters.
Why doesn't the SOS immediately terminate Stainbrook and Gallagher?
Why doesn't the Ohio Republican Party and the Lucas County Republicans get rid of them?

Relief from a voter integrity project is certainly welcome but unless they can get rid of the pernicious pair or force the SOS, the Blade, the prosecutor, and Ohio Republicans to take charge then I wonder how they will be able to provide the much needed relief.

If the board members sans Stainbrook will simply terminate Gallagher then most of the problems would be solved. This is especially true since it looks like the other board members have largely neutralized Stainbrook with votes of 3 to 1. This does not prevent him from wasting a lot of the BOE's time but he has been unable to cause much damage at the BOE. Instead, he now spends his days happily making new enemies and attacking as many good people as he can.

I used to disagree with Chris about his attacks on Stainbrook and Gallagher but have come to understand the basis for those comments and beliefs. Knowledge is power as they say and I have learned a lot over the past few years and in my opinion anyone who knows them long enough will become enemies with them and see them for what they are. We are lucky to live in the USA and be able to form our own opinions and change them as we learn but be careful because i heard he records all his conversations. Is this the kind of person you want in charge of any government office?

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