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Last month Sandra Meeks-Speller was fired by the TPS Board members despite the recommendation of a third party referee that she retain her job. Tuesday I'll look into the story with her advocate Dr. Earl Murry . Earl and I go back a few years and he has asked to come on the show to deal with this firing. He believes this teacher got a raw deal.

Here's the story to refresh your memory-TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -
TPS board members voted 4-1 Tuesday to fire Assistant Principal Sandra Meeks-Speller, effective immediately.

Meeks-Speller has been on paid suspension since August. A 16-year-veteran with the district, she was accused of being insubordinate, and physically rough with students. Parents complained that Meeks-Speller hit, scratched, pinched and smacked their son.

The board also found she didn't treat students with respect, and improperly criticized staff at Spring Elementary for reporting a suspected case of child abuse to the Children's Services Board.

Meeks-Speller's attorney says a state-appointed referee recommended the district not terminate her contract, saying TPS failed to prove 95 percent of the allegations against her.

Meeks-Speller walked out of the meeting and refused to comment on her termination, but her brother did.

"She's a beautiful person," said Oswald Meeks. "She's educated. Prior students and students today love her, and what they just did in there is not Sandra and I don't appreciate it. "I don't think the other students out there appreciate it."

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I know nothing about Ms. Meeks-Speller, but I know Earl Murry very well. I've had professional meetings with him many times; and in my opinion, he is one of the most dishonest, blowhards I have ever encountered. I wouldn't trust him half as far as I could throw him.

Apparently, there are others who agree with me because Murry has the dubious distinction of being the only person who has been formally censured by the University of Toledo Faculty Senate. Regardless of your opinion of college professors, it's saying something that Murry was singled out for this action. Not the best choice for an advocate.

If Meeks-Speller is Black, I can guarantee that Murry will be playing the race card. Should be an interesting interview. Get ready for some fast-talking, nonsensical patter from Murry (who once told me he was responsible for setting-up the Ohio State Teacher Retirement System--whoa!)

The race card has been played through the entire set of proceedings. We can't mention the fact the alleged incidents happened at 2 different schools, with 2 different sets of staff. Each time, it is all about the race card. Whereas, if the tables were turned, there would be certain people here that would be saying that the white man should be fired and arrested for assault.

guilty as charged. The only difference in her case is that white administrators/teachers/TPS personnel were guilty of abusing children but did not lose their jobs. Case in point Gary Foraker at Lagrange and Nate Spitulski at Rogers. And there are others.....

And there it is.... Knew that wouldn't take long before Twila claimed she saw exactly what happened... Ya know, since she was there...

No? You weren't there? So you can't speak on what actually happened?

Move along hag.

Say what you want about Dr. Murray, he gets results. When people get results people will take any opportunity to demean them.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

Isn't it ironic that Earl Murry, the guy who served as a hatchet man for Vik Kapoor, is now concerned about someone who was fired.

Murry was ruthless when he was at UT--willingly terminating people (without cause) who were within months of getting enough time to retire.

He is an empty suit who considers himself a great legal mind (even though his doctorate is in education). Kinda Toledo's Al Sharpton.

I listened to the interview and chuckled when he gave himself some fancy title concerning his relationship with the fired teacher. What a buffoon!

In addition to being an educator, Earl Murray has a degree in Law. Your post is typical of how people are uninformed or purposely leave out information to discredit people. As far as giving himself a title, you have given him the title of Buffoon. So, I quess you think the title you have given him counts, but the title he has given himself does not count. I quess African Americans cannot assign themselves a role or a title. Only Euro's can do that?

I listened to the interview with Dr. Murray. It sounded like Fredo was only listening to himself and not listening to Dr. Murray.

So yeah! Actually I have seen Speller-Meeks put a student in a choke hold at Deveaux and when I reported it to Chad Henderly, the principal, he said that it was her nephew. Like it was ok because the student was her nephew. Probably when she did it to a white child, she was called on the carpet. Make sense????

I wish I could say I believe you, but I don't. Once again, we throw the white power card into the mix. Which makes you irrelevant in your argument, because if the tables were turned, you would not have had an issue.

It's because she has no other option Phil.

She comes unarmed to the battle of wits.


When a Euro commits an unacceptable offense, many times it will be overlooked. When a minority commits an unacceptable offense, the penalty is much more severe.

Show proof or GTFO.

Look it up yourself.

If you're going to bring something to the table, you damn well better be ready to back it up. Otherwise, you're irrelevant. You have nothing but a bunch of shit, spoken as a true libtard. So unless you have proof, don't even try.

My word is good enough. If you choose not to read my posts that just means I don't have to read your responses. Lucky me.

Yeah, just show proof already.


Hey MikeyA, the Holocaust never happened. The so-called victims all lied and the photos were all photo-shopped.

Actually there is a lot of proof of it. There are historical sites, there are even videos. General Eisenhower ordered that as much photographic and videographic evidence be taken specifically because he thought it was so egregious that people wouldn't believe it occurred. Because of him there is a lot of factual evidence of it occurring.


Like I have a reason to lie on this blog. Seriously, you all are just not that important.

then it should be easy to prove.


and yet her sense of self importance won't allow her to go away and stay away. she reminds us that being on facebook is more to her liking but in fact she enjoys being here where her racist beliefs get a rise out of people, on facebook most people just ignore or unfriend her without her realizing it.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

I occassionally get involved in forums about race in the community. Over and over Euro's have told me racisim and discrimination doesn't exist anymore. I invited them to read the posts on SB. Their conclusion? After reading many posts they have nothing to say.

No one is arguing that racism and discrimination don't exist. I will whole heartedly agree to that it does.

What you are stating is it is inherent and systemic. I argue that it is not. You cannot provide proof where it exists in that standard. The only examples you can give are entitlements but the people furthering those entitlements the black community votes for with huge majorities so they do that to themselves.

Anyone who denies racism and discrimination does not exist is a moron. It exists. However I argue it is not systemic. I can point to countless laws, lawsuits, and where individuals have been removed to prove my case.

I also don't think it is as widespread as you say it is. For example the Paula Dean case. Am I shocked that a old woman from the south has used racist language in her life? Not at all. What I care about is has she discriminated someone with her business(es)? That has not been successfully shown. I had no problem with the story being reported, it should be. The issue I had was after a week since the story hit then is a old southern woman saying the n-word front page news? It is not, there were other more important stories.

You are a race baiter. Do you know how I know? Your own words. "I occassionally get involved in forums about race in the community." I currently work with 2 black men, three white, and two puerto ricans. Race is rarely discussed and when it is it's friendly in nature. Not one of those denies racism exists. Race is really not a big deal for any of us. We have more debates about what is better NY or Texas (a big argument actually). Race is a big deal to you ZC. Hence you seek out racial discussions. Racism will go away the less race matters to people.

BTW of all those who work for me the best worker is one of the black men, the other black Marine I put in for a meritorious promotion.


You can call me a race baiter if you must. But, the truth is you don't have to take the bait. My posts about race is reporting the truth. If the racist stop comitting racist acts I have nothing to report.

If it's truth it should be easy to prove. You've been asked to prove time and time again and still you cannot or refuse to. This is not the mark of someone who tells the truth.


work for you.....roflmbo.......lololololololololol....bwahaaaaaaaa! WHEW!!!

Purnhrt, I know this may be hard for you but many of us have jobs where we work for people and people work for us. I can fire people and hire people but in the military those terms are a little different than the civilian world as they apply.


it would just be so difficult to understand because I come from a family of welfare queens, fatherless children, incarceration and food stamp recipients who buy steaks and lobster while you poor white people support my family with your taxes and fight for your country.

At least you're finally coming clean.

If that's the case then it makes sense why you were so confused before.

I'm glad I helped clear it up for you. If you would like any other assistance understanding how the rest of the world works I'm available to assist further. Enjoy your steak!


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