"Syria Danny" says "get the gunfire sounds ready"?????

In other words - a lot of what the mainstream media is dishing out - screaming for our involvement in Syria - are PAID ACTORS !!!!!!


We - the American public - who are forced to pay for all this stupid, deadly, foreign intervention - we are BEING "HAD", LIED TO, SHOWN FAKE "NEWS" STORIES, FED FAKE INTERVIEWS [such as the one on PBS with G. Ifill & J. Woodruff].... you name it.

Hey - I know - Barbara Walters could have "Syria Danny" on the View and ask him who is paying him. She could do an "expose". Barbie warbie - what do you think? Barb?

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Farmergal, would you like me to come over to your trailer some night and give you a beef injection?

Conservatives love boys in bathroom stalls

Make sure the beef is well done. I hear that well done beef will make you sing soprano.

MikeyA, aka bushblows ,aka son of Fredo, aka Hammishbond aka turd, you are one sick bastard. Why don't you leave people alone?

I also like to go by the name Willard.


Cost of War in Afghanistan Since 2001

Every hour,
taxpayers in United States
are paying $10.45 million
for Cost of War in Afghanistan Since 2001.


See more counters at


Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

the war to free 34 MILLION from death, rape, torture, etc., in Iraq, as Saddam Hussein , gassed the Kurd's, 3 separate times ?!
( No weapons of mass destruction heh ?!)

NOW-these same radical chicken Hawks-want a full out war on their former dinner partner in Syria ?!

Lesson Learned-never have dinner with & praise endlessly mass murdering Mohammedan "moderate" tyrants when a R is President, when you suddenly become a United States President, Senator, Sec. of State, Sec. of Defense, or Vice President, after doing so.

The hypocrisy is glaringly and absolutely colossal for those with brains !!!

The problem with war in Syria is as follows:

1) Defining success. What are we trying to accomplish? Can it be accomplished by restrained means such as no fly zone? Bombing? or does it require a US ground presence?

2) Will we be left vulnerable? This President has for the last two years followed a policy of a "One war policy" a break from the "Two War" that has been standard since 1941.
... then....`1
Since we are reducing our forces to only have the means to fight one war is this the war we should dedicate our efforts? Will we be able to defend ourselves still? If not are we ready to rededicate our forces elsewhere and forego objectives in Syria?

It is these questions that are the questions we must ask. Sadly the media is not asking these and has not learned the lessons from the questions of the Iraq war. Our media has a responsiblity and is failing us as a people.


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