An Honest Examination of Pension Funds (not just Detroit's)

Pension funds are (as one poster formerly noted) essentially ponzi schemes.

They could only have survived if there were enough people being born to replenish the work force. But in 1973, 7 liberal morons on the U.S. Supreme Court decided that it would now be legal to murder Americans by the millions in abortion mills. Those murdered babies are now not available as adults to "replenish" the work force. They are not available to buy things, from toys to autos, to houses.

So I have a slightly different take from "Natural News" on whether it's good or bad that pension fund promises will not be kept. But it's a good wake-up article, in any case:

I have not one bit of sadness for those who will not be receiving promised pensions. Roe v Wade is now coming home to roost in a hundred and one different ways. Evil decisions by courts have consequences.

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What does abortion have to do with pensions? The USA's population has done nothing but grow.

I get what she's saying but she's not saying it clearly.

You are right GZ, we don't abort enough for it to have an affect on our population replenishment. Now countries like China, do for varying reasons.

The problem with pensions is they "guaranteed" the person paying into it a certain percentage. This is unsustainable. Now if they chose a low number like say 2-4% return on their money, this would be fine, but they didn't do that. The rate of returns they guaranteed were much larger, and their investments didn't always pan out. A "guaranteed" pension then ends up being anything but guaranteed.

If anyone thinks their pension is guaranteed they are living in a fantasy land. I do not consider my military pension to be guaranteed and thus I do my own retirement planning absent of a military pension. My military pension factors in very little to my retirement planning, social security factors in not at all. I have confidence in myself and no one else.

401(k)'s and IRA's are the future and those who have not yet retired would behoove to invest in them. Parents should teach their children that retirement planning earlier makes more sense than waiting until their 30's and 40's when most begin to seriously think about it.

Awaiting for a guaranteed pension is both lazy and ignorant which is why so many have been "robbed". I personally don't feel they were robbed because a fool and his money are soon parted, those who believed in a guaranteed pension were profoundly foolish.


Yeah GI joe, you are real self sufficient and you do your own retirement planning huh?
How do you plan that? What do you do, give blowjobs and bank the $5 you get for each one?
Thats why your on military welfare because you couldn't do or "plan" on your own. Go blow smoke up your daddy's Fredo's ass when you go over his place to teabag him. Quief.
You're a fraud.


They are offering me an early retirement. What bothers you more? The fact that you will be paying me the rest of my life or the fact that I won't need a dime of it?


You mean my tax dollars will be giving you a retirement earlier than 20 years? I though MikeyA was already on retirement for all the time he spends on SwampBubbles and elsewhere on the internet.

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.

This is common knowledge. I thought you would know that since you're so up on DoD happenings.

I've warned before on unintended consequences. Early retirements are the unintended consequence of shrinking the military force. They have to hit their staffing goal, for the Marine Corps it's 15k less than 2 years ago. There are two ways to get people out. The first is through administrative processes, process people out for conduct and failure to meet standards the second way is to give them an incentive to get out. By me getting out I do the Marine Corps a service by reducing the long term costs they agreed to pay me upon my initial contract. I get to then work another job and collect 30% of my pay. They greatly reduce their legacy costs.


Really? Like social security? Social Security, which makes you mad because "boomers" are now receiving SS. And you thought I couldn't find researchers out there who agree with me... or that I couldn't come up with dozens of links backing MY theory up?

Here's just one:

You can't have it both ways GZ. Mad at boomers who worked their entire working lives for, in most cases, barely-get-by social security dollars - the average is around $12,000 per year -- but, in effect, defending the murdering of our own citizens for the past 40 years. Without realizing it, maybe, you have bought in to a lot of the mainstream media brainwashing. So-called "fiscal conservatives" always get it wrong - primarily because they block out any and all evidence that immorality always leads to downfall, including financial downfall. Be it countries or individuals.

Nothing happening in godless Syria by all of the murdering Islamists in surrounding Muslim states. is worse than what goes on in American abortion mills every day.

Put succinctly - pension funds aren't going under nationally because we don't have enough "smart financial people." Pension funds are going under for the same reason the country is going under. Because America, in large part, has forgotten God.

I asked: "What does abortion have to do with pensions?"

The answer is, nothing.

Your answer is wrong. Which doesn't surprise me, because you rely on numbers for everything, often without any backup or relevance to the topic at hand.

The link I provided explains in spades what "missing" (murdered) citizens have to do with any pension plans surviving.

There are none so blind as those who do not WANT to see. Can't help you there. You have dug yourself into a position that (falsely) concludes that we do not live in a moral universe. Sorry, but God says that we DO live in a moral universe. If you can't (or won't) extrapolate from there - that's willful blindness, and you don't want an "answer". You want to be told you are right about everything.

My Bible says that God's thoughts are higher than your thoughts, and his ways higher than your ways (Isaiah 55).

I will again note, what makes you think of those aborted if they hadn't been would have gotten jobs?

They by in large would come from impoverished households and thus have a lower education and less job opportunities. So how do we know they'd be paying into social security by working and not just living off the government dime or in prison? My point is you make some wide assuptions about what would have been. I'm not supportive of abortion but the book Freakonomics put forth an interesting theory, the crime rate that's been steadily dropping since the early 90's is from less and less impovershed children coming to adult age. It's an interesting theory.

Now another leap you make, social security is not a pension. Most pull 12-17k from social security average is about 14k. Well below the poverty line.

A defined benefit plan, which was what used to be the standard, was not a ponzi scheme, the money was put into a trust and that trust had investments that would make money. However, if you were say one of the teacher's who pension trust invested into GM and Chrysler you lost money and thus your defined benefit.

This is why employers are now going to defined contribution plans. These are 401(k)'s and IRA's. There, the employer guarantees how much they contribute i.e. 5% of a worker's pay. There the employer guarantees nothing of the return. Again, not a ponzi scheme.

I think you have a failure to understand or at least define pension with this thread.


FG, I wouldn't want to play dumb and consequently steal your thunder.

Firstly, as long as you insist these fetuses were murdered, you quite simply sound like a nut case. Abortion isn't murder, just like killing a slave in the year 1790 wasn't murder. If it's legal at the time, then it's not illegal. Dig?

Secondly, the very idea that people are somehow "missing" in society by the legal actions of others, is daft in the extreme. I don't have any children. So are they "missing"? Can you even follow along with this line of real thinking?

Thirdly, since the US population does nothing BUT grow, then it's purely fallacious that there's a LACK of people contributing, or that there's any lack at all.

And finally, your bible has no bearing in my position. Why you're bothering to bring it up, is truly delusional. You may as well bring up Sharia law for equal inapplicability. Quote the Upanishads for all I care. Or Dianetics.

Maybe Farmergal is obssessed with well done tube steak.

There is an assumption by FG that those children who were aborted would get jobs in order to help replenish the work force. That's an assumption since most aborted fetuses come from families with higher ammounts of unemployment, illiteracy, and lack of education.

However, I will note that this is relevant to her post. Apparently there are a lot of abortion clinics out there that cannot meet the minimum standards of care.


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